Monday, February 27, 2012

As seen on Global

Rare Skin Condition for Raquel

Maybe our Pediatrician wasn't exactly 'freaking out'.
How about heightened concern.....


  1. I can't understand why Canada Customs charges 17% on Raquel's clothing that's crazy!!
    She is such a brave little girl :)

  2. Hello there, I saw your story on the news and thought I'd pass on this Free EBook by Mike Adams, for you to read. It's all about Chlorella, Spirulina and their amazing healing powers. This stuff saved my life and I believe it may help Raquel build new skin cells. She is such a brave little girl and my heart goes out to all of you.
    I have Crohn's disease, for which there is no cure, yet I have been controlling it with Spirulina for 18 years now and have been pharmaceutical free the whole time.
    There is always hope.

    Debra from the Cariboo.