Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update 01/22/12

Raquel had been fighting an ear infection, so much of the turmoil of last week had a direct correlation.
It was only shortly before we met with the doctor when we figured that be the root of her suffering and ours.
Looking for EB and we find baby.
Now that she's on her first course of antibiotics everything to do with her has leveled.

Of course once her feet finally skinned over on both feet we get this today.
She has been telling us lately when things hurt, so now we'll investigate quickly.
I'm ashamed to admit we weren't quick enough on this one.
OR this one.
I circulated the next image to my friends titled-
Vampire Soup

I was shocked that no-one found it funny or thought it engaging enough to respond.
Oh well.

I think when Raquel looks like this while I'm pressing her punctured blisters like a grape to squeeze the remaining blood and fluid out, I can start to find humour in whatever ails this family.
It was a disastrous week for me on nearly every front.
So much so, that my car sits outside motionless, as I can add two sets of keys to my lost radio and wallet for the year.
No wonder I thought Vampire Soup was funny. 

I'm losing my mind....

At least Cordelia and I had a wonderful night skiing on Saturday.  After our hot chocolate we took the tram down with all the teenaged hooligans as the mountain closed.  The ride was full of colourful language and disrespectful youth.  Hopefully I'll be the better role model for her than what she hears and sees at all the places I take her at hours beyond most other 6 yr olds. 
Probably not.
'No soup for you.'


  1. Oh my, she is such a beautiful little girl. I am glad that you can find some humor with all you deal with everyday. You have to laugh or you would probably go a little crazy, or maybe a lot crazy. Praying for your whole family. Keep the Faith. Love and Peace, Nana to a JEB angel.

  2. WE get your humour. On many occasions we have had baths like that, and quite frankly I don't think anyone appreciates how shocking it can be to change the dressings. I also appreciate what you are going through, one will get to a place where you don't beat yourself up for not noticing there is a blister. Todd described it once like maintaining a sandcastle on a ocean beach front, the tide will always get it! I am glad Cordelia is getting some necessary time with you, our Shaelyn really gets neglected and is at the age where she verbalizes it.