Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moody Lady

Three weeks ago I had strange thoughts my daughter may have magically grown a gene.
Things were actually on the border of being that good.
But then Renata starts to feel the pressure of going back to work.

And all starts to spiral and all the ladies in the house hold have become rather moody.

Raquel gets a pass, kind of....
Shes the only one without Invisible Monsters.
All hers are there for us all to see.  She is absolutely covered in raw sores right now.  So much that I'm having a hard time remembering her having so many large open areas ever.
The previous blog post of her blisters being a non event has turned out not to be the case.  It's been a problem, it's been an issue, although the odd thing is - recently Ren nor I any longer feel the stress we used to when she's been in such a state.
I turned the corner while in Netherlands, Ren turned the corner while in Czech and possibly from her meeting with Dr Diem at the Salzburg EB clinic.

I'm not saying it doesn't break our hearts to see Raquel suddenly stop what she's doing and point to her wrist

and say

Ren today noticed her point to her knee and explain Owwww.  Then Raquel on her own accord bent over and kissed her own knee better.  Soon she'll do her own bandages.

Every dressing change over the last couple weeks has shown two or three more large blisters.  Yet today, finally we've had no more.
Has our down slide ended?  Even better Ren and I didn't have a stupid argument about nothing.

Hopefully last night was the end as we were woken to her mumbles of pain and discovered a large circle of blood on her pillow.
The source a the trail of blood at the side of her mouth.
Standing there trying to figure out how I was going to get my arms safely under my crying thrashing baby I moved on to thinking, shouldn't I be freaking out right now? 
It was simple.  Pick her up, hopefully safely then wait till she calms.  (Kind of)

The other two girls in my house have also been a little out of sorts. 
One grumpy school has started and the other nearly off her rocker as work looms ever closer.

It's about loss of freedom. 
8 hours to think about something else then at an instant your child could fall and wipe the skin off half her face.

Anyway, it's not been a pleasant little while as we've been climbing to this seeming apex of chaos.

Back in the day, I'd have disappeared for days on end.  Out of a hat I'd find some fishing trip or a ski tour to camp in a quiet alpine meadow and bask in the void of responsibility.  Umm other than not freezing to death as the sun dipped out of sight for the next 14 hrs.

But not this time.  I must have finally become a parent dedicated to the cause.
Oh right and the current mountain conditions are terrible and dangerous.
Someone please tell the Pacific we don't want any more air coming from Hawaii. 
Build a stable front and let it come down from the Arctic.  PLEASE!!

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