Monday, January 2, 2012

End of Days.

What a turn of events.
Renata and I were in the easy chair relaxing in the common glow of a family without strife or suffering.
Raquel had no major blisters, other than this moose without antlers or legs -
Started Boxing Day Dec. 26 - above Jan 2
In a couple years, Raquel will probably wish she could just have the moose on a T-shirt.
Maybe it's a female moose standing in a marsh.

Then today strikes.

I guess it started at 4am last night with the strange problem of not being able to comfort her.
We've completely forgotten what that was all about.  Since the morphine had been dropped from a regular occurrence we'd been smooth sailing for almost a month now. 
I tired to wait it out last night, but after two hours of thrashing and waking the moment I moved to take her from my chest we broke it out.
Once her first diaper and clothes change happened in the morning, Renata found a big blister on each elbow and one knee, as well as one that wrapped up and under her armpit.  Later during the dressing change we discovered even more.  The one at her wrist nearly wrapped right around, then this monster below.
Ones like this below make me want to do changes everyday, like I know others do.
This one had enough fluid to fill an espresso cup.  A real espresso cup.

Today was the first time that I got a sense while lancing it that Raquel was pissed at me for hurting her.
Maybe that wasn't it.  But while she cried and shuddered in pain there was a different look in her eye.
Once we slathered it in Aquafor and wrapped it in zinc she settled considerably, she even continued to walk around after, but that new cry of hers might become an issue for me later.

She's grown at what I think is her biggest jump so far in the last month.  It's been amazing to witness.  Which is probably why I haven't written much lately.
A-there was no time
B-everything was blissful.
Who wants to hear about good times??

Now that we are edging back into a very uncomfortable run while these areas all heal, I'm sure I'll be writing to get it out so I don't carry it to sleep and through my days.

This is how Raquel tries to avoid her hands being re-wrapped.
I think she thinks if she can't see her hands I must not either.
It's very cute.  I try to only start wrapping once she drops them.  It's a bit of a game, but ..
By the way, the new technique of using tubes of the Derma Silk under her conforming wrap works great.
The only problem was that during the last dressing change I left it a bit bunched near her wrist and was the obvious factor in what happened today.  Again, a lazy slip in bandaging.
Won't happen again.  Although I just had the idea to cut up her silks that are now too small for her to wear and slip them underneath her conform bandage.

Then there was Cordelia trying to be amused while we worked on Raquel.  In the hour it took to do the change Coco depleted her hair band stock.  I asked why she didn't also do the front of my head?  She shrugged her shoulders and explained that she ran out.  It wasn't till the painful removal of each of the elastics, that I believed it to be true.

Renata will be happy that Raquel will no longer be using this chair.  I have to say it was very useful while Renata was in Europe.  I could count on her staying in it while being g-tube fed if I had to do some cleaning in the kitchen.
 But this one is far better.  (Thanks Santa! it even matches Renata and my couch) Not only can you feed her then split to the kitchen, we can have Cordelia sit watch at a comfortable proximity and keep her company.

Our typical night.
Dad watches a drama that bores Raquel to sleep.
Except Rango is now offered on Netflix, Cordelia battled me to turn it off while she tried to sleep since she was only able to watch the first half.
Some how I was able to convince her to close her door versus me turning it off....
The dragons or monsters didn't even get her with her door closed????????

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