Monday, January 30, 2012

Definitely on the mend

Raqu has been in wonderful spirits in the last few days.
What a relief.
She has been playing talking walking and starting her terrible twos just a little ahead of schedule.

Try pulling something out of her hand she shouldn't be holding.
Scissors, felt pens, knives

She just seems to arrive at the right place at the right time for maximum possible destruction.
I'll be filling the dishwasher and suddenly she's shown up from the other side and is already looking closely at the blade of a chopping knife.  Etc etc.

I have 'My German' here for a visit.  When we were kids he used to introduce me as that.
'My Canadian', the accessory every German must have.  Anyway, it got some millage for me this time.
Andrew and I brought him up for a ski to Whistler.  It was my goal to get him to a 50+ degree slope with a bottom a km away.  Watch his legs shake and have a good giggle as Andrew and I nurse him down to safety.  There were a few things that got in the way.
A- he's known me long enough to know something is up when I'm telling him, 'don't worry this slope will be fun'.
B- he's known me long enough to know something is up when I'm telling him, 'don't worry this slope will be fun'.
C- he got some type of vertigo from the white out conditions above tree line which made skiing for him that much more difficult.
D- we tired him out before I got to say, 'don't worry this slope will be fun'.
By the time we were down and in for an √Ępre ski beer, like a good beer drinking German he started to feel normal again.
Dammit!  Why didn't I think of it earlier.   Fill him full of beer first, then take him to 'slope of doom'.
I guess there was an
E- large injury.
I took his sister there some 12 years ago with a few of her friends, one of which was a beautiful German woman, whom while on the slope of death busted her knee.  It was a (achem) good four weeks as she wasn't able to fly home and had to be nursed back to heath.  I don't think I'd be all that interested going the extra bit for Jo.  Carrying him to bed kind of things.  Plus, I'm quite sure his wife would find a way to shoot me from a third of a planet away.

Andrew turned 40 yesterday and now joins an ever growing group of buddies from way back to be officially
It's no fun if you can't poke at your buddies in a moment of weakness.

Yeah, so Raquel is good.  Nothing to report as nothing is stressful, no difficult late night hours, just the odd outburst of a totally normal slightly spoiled 1 and a half year old well on her way to being a full fledged terrible two.

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