Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blisters shown to be a non event

Virtually nothing has happened as a result of all her blisters.  Her mood or evenings have hardly changed.  Even today's dressing change happened without much of a fuss.
Last night she had a few moments where she flinched, the pain or discomfort likely originating from her foot.  Over all, she's just cruising along.
I can't figure her pain.
Every time I think I know, I find more reasons to not know how she can deal with it or we can deal with it.
She's tough. 

I lost a bit of my epidermis yesterday moving a planter with an abrasive edge.  It simply wore off a nice patch of skin at my knuckle.  Of course every time I forget it's there and I pull on a shoe the abrasiveness of my sock creates a decent bit of discomfort.  OR when Cordelia grabs my hand.
Either way I whine about it and I've done more whining about my knuckle then Raquel has about having areas 80x the size in a similar state all over her body.
She's tough.
She's our Super Trooper

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  1. Just thinking back to the days of tiny feet. One thing we found that worked exceptionally well on feet was pro wrap! It reduced friction on delicate EB feet. Just thought I could suggest that to you! Love your blog! I think you guys are doing a fantastic job with her!