Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ren gone, but we're fine

It does help that we've lined up all of the monthly nursing hours for these two weeks.
Still it's very hard to get in more then 5 hours of work.  I don't think that's got sustainability written anywhere on it.
But we're swimming very smoothly.  Shh don't tell Renata, but I was able to feed, dress, prepare lunch, do some french lessons for Cordelia, brush teeth, gather them both up and take Cordelia to school in the morning.
Oh yeah, and we had a stop for coffee on the way.  hmmmm
I'm not sure that's happened to date.
I do admit I had some help in the morning on way out.
Had my mom here.  It was a three person job doing the diaper.
Worse then any dressing change I can remember.
I don't get it.  There is nothing painful about doing a diaper, yet she turns, screams and kicks violently.
The head end person has to talk to her in attempts to calm, while pinning her arms and one knee.  While the other contains the cleans all the poop from getting on dressings and in open wounds at the knees etc...
Then later in day she's sit quietly and it's over in moments.
What a pain in the >>>my little child can be.

Anyway, time to prepare for the kids before they wake.
Or sleep another half hour?

Three hours later..
Slept just a little longer than expected.
Cordelia was poking me in the back of the head complaining that I should get up.
Raquel still sleeping.
After 20 minutes of that I dragged myself out and in very efficient manner accomplished in time everything I needed to do.
Kid at school.
Raquel with Simona.
Me at work.

Taking off her own coat. Wondering what Simona has in store.

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