Friday, December 2, 2011

Raquel's personality coming out dispite her situation

Today I walked up to the door and I could hear Raquel crying from a few steps away.
Once in she wasn't interested in much other then flopping around in loud complaints.  The nurse in charge wasn't having much luck getting her to settle and first off neither was I.  Once I had her in my arms sitting on the couch she'd just rock back and forth in a quick metronome manner.
Her eyes were still bothering her and she couldn't have squeezed them much tighter.
We attempted some of her anti-inflammatory drops, but who knows if any wicked past her eye lashes.

I then started to ask her questions.
Where's Papa?
She points to the general direction of the front door, where she usually first hears him enter and call for her.
Where's your bedroom?
She points back down the hall
This went on for a while and she quickly pointed from her darkness to where everything was.
Her comprehension was impressive.
Which brings me to believe she knew exactly what was up when I mentioned the eye drops and started to fuss and make it very difficult to apply.
Then it was
'Cut the pickle'
I put my two fingers together for her to slash through with her hands.
Except she likes it better when I push her two thumbs apart.
So I cut her version of the pickle then proceeded to tickle tickle her till she made what sounded like a giggle / lion growl.  We did this several more times till I saw a sliver of her eyes peering out.
From the safe zone I asked where her bum was, up goes the little bum into the air with her hand waving at it.
From this tripod position I grabbed her thighs and flipped her over onto her back and she giggled even more.  She quickly flipped back to her front and stuck her butt up again while signing for more.
After 10 minutes of games, flips and tickle attacks she was back to herself giggling and fully engaged in what was going on and eyes finally opened full.

I'm often amazed at her resilience and great nature.
She has every reason to be pissed off all day long every day.
Some days of course feel like she's angry and sore all day long, but it's not really the case.
It's this part of her character that I think makes it so much easier on us as well.

It doesn't take too long to feel pretty good after a few moments of hard play.  Despite knowing tomorrow morning she'll probably have her eyes closed for the better part of the day yet again.  Also that she'll be awake three times during the night screaming and rubbing her feet and squirming in such violent throws it is now almost too difficult for me to hold her from damaging herself.

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