Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holding Steady

The new wraps are working, the only problem with using the silks underneath the conforming bandage is that they slump some during the two days between dressings.
Raquel had one big blister on her shin, lower than she's had one before.

I can't pin it on the bandages slipping just yet.  Mostly because changing a soiled diaper of late can be absolute chaos.  Once her two layers of pants are off she really starts to kick and roll.  The only area you can hang on to is her legs with the bandages.  
Who knows if one of our hands slipped off and pushed at her leg?
Worse is she's got a new blister way to close to her pooper.  Every time I've tried to clean it and put on some zinc paste she twists that much more wildly.

Last night I waited till she fell asleep as I didn't have a second to help should things get out of control.
Once she was naked she woke and started to freak out.  She then rolled over and attempted to crawl away.
I grabbed her in all the areas you DON'T grab a baby with EB and hoped I'd not done too much damage.
I suffered thoughts of giant blisters forming at her shins, under her arms across her chest or where ever as I tossed about uncomfortably in the morning before my pretties typically wake...
My ears were on high alert for every subtle sound she'd make.
Of course other then the one blister across her shin there was nothing to tell from our late night skirmish.

Ren's likely staying in Vienna or Salzburg tonight.  Very envious.
She should be meeting with a Dr. from the EB clinic of Austria.
Then she's off to her uncles, I think (who lives at the base of one of Austria's most famous mountains and near likely the most famous downhill races in the world).
I can't think if there is a women's circuit on that hill.  So I'm not sure my daydreams of watching Cordelia carving hard turns and dropping several hundred feet in a few seconds has much validity....

It's been very good since Ren left.  Maybe too good.  Raquel has only had two nights where she's gotten up and pushed my nerves to crackling. 
I'm wondering when the Yang is about to cycle back through this little house hold.

Oh right, it did.
Nothing to do with EB.
Just Simona and my battle of wills.
Some how I've learned over the years to get under peoples skin when verbalizing discontent, especially in a written format.
Haha I even got fired for it once...
In this case, like many others I mind as well have poured scalding oil on her, as to her reaction.
She's given me a few ultimatums in our time together (when Ren and I were her tenants).
Number One - 'No cooking salmon fish cakes before noon or likely ever'.  I had the not so great idea to have a what I thought was a wonderful 10am brunch.  Something out side of the norm.  Problem was, it permeated her house all the way up three floors.  The reaction was like I'd pumped nerve gas into her space.  Gasping and warning that next time I'd be living somewhere else, wife/dog and all.
Number Two - 'No dog in the flower beds' or was it 'No playing in the boulevard in front of her bed room window at, before or near 9 am - Burny, the best dog a man could ever wish for, was rather playful and like her master knew how to tear shit up.
Hmm maybe that was three.

I'd given Simona One, but maybe I'd not made myself clear enough and or let it slide of late.  Maybe I should have made a 'plasticized' stick-it memo and pasted it to our front window.
'No plastic crap', but if it was plastic I can only think of this analogy.
Pulp Fiction 'Filthy Animals'

Yet I was filing so many odds and ends till the Pièce de résistance.
I won't bore the readers with that detail, lets just say I lost my marbles.
Zero to one Hundred in a millisecond.
With perspective it was a combination of my Mom, Renata, Simona and our infant development nurse.  It's not that most of these things aren't in fact very useful or that I don't see Raquel developing at an amazing rate.   But.....

Good thing Simona and I, other then having our temper, hardheadedness & many other things in common, we can take a hit, step back, see the whole picture and keep on ticking.

After the clean, Cordelia and I worked on a Matisse landscape titled Montalban.

Hopefully we can get back to it before long and tighten up some detail.  It's a team effort, but man was Cordelia ever proud when we had put all the paints away.
To top off the day, Louisa came over to watch Raquel for a couple hours.  Louisa was one of our night owls that watched Raquel while in the  NICU.  She was nervous at first, but in the three hours I think she was spent.  Raquel has a crazy amount of energy these days and does not stop.
Anyway, Cord and I trudged back up the mountain for a hike and ski.
Oh and the girls decorated the Christmas tree.

Baby crying.

Blood & saliva with some choking.
Good thing she's so strong right now to watch her push all that guk out. 
10 minutes of suffering, now a little 'beg, steal or borrow' and she's out.

Umm maybe this out burst lasted just a little more, no need to stress Mom a third of a planet away.

Makes sense, she's been owwwing all day as the dressing change showed nothing.

Now what to do?  leave baby on my chest or send her to bed so I can get some shut eye in case..  Or watch her.

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