Saturday, December 3, 2011


Last night Ren and I had Simona over to take care of our kids while we had one last night out before Ren disappears for her Euro trip back to family.
Just a regular night, as far as Raquel and Cordelia were concerned.

We'd been at our friends house for maybe 30 minutes when I hear my text bell dinging from across the room.  It took a while to go over and check it out and when I finally did, I see Simona had sent something.  I got a little nervous that we might have to cut the evening short.
My mind was numb as I read the first few words, 'Raquel is walking'.
It was total disbelief.
I leaned over and showed Ren the phone with those three words and the smug comment only Simona can make following it.
Simona gets the first walk?
My only response, was what it could be.
What Ever
I quickly slipped into denial mode that such a happening could take place with out Ren and I.
It's that moronic saying about if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound.  Simona was maybe the squirrel who went down with the tree.
Except at 6 am Cordelia jumped on our bed and proclaimed that Raquel is walking.
I mean really!!!! 
Apparently the whole squirrel family went down with the tree and lived to tell.

I was on the edge of thinking she'd not walk for another year or maybe less, but certainly not this week or month let alone night.

As well her foot just healed from one of the more painful, massive blisters I've seen on her in a long time.  Walking just wasn't on my radar.

I can certainly tell you, when a kid falls in a living room, everyone hears it.

Poor Cordelia, I must have told her 20 times to not get to close to Raquel while she was walking, yet she didn't hear my words once.  I'd try to get Cordelia to be a bit more calm, not grab Raqu, and especially not to help her etc.
Ohh well.
Yes that resulted in a blister on her forehead, yes I'd prefer it didn't happen, but it was way way too pleasurable to pretend to myself this was her first walking session and not be too strict in how Cordelia and her interacted in this momentous occasion.  Totally worth the blister.  I probably could have been easier on Cordelko, but that's the grumpy bear syndrome I've inherited.
I guess Simona deserves it.
She's certainly put in the time.
My only problem is her competitive nature, which will likely never let us revise history to to be more liberal with the timing of this event and participants.

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