Friday, December 9, 2011

New techniques in dressing her hands and feet.

Up till now I've been using the visco paste up her arm to hold the necessary compression bandages in place.  It finally occurred to me that it was extra bulk and dressing layer I likely didn't need any more.
If I don't use the conform up her arm or leg she'll just shake the bandaging off in minutes with all her activity.  In some cases the wraps act as a protective layer, as whitnessed by other kids and adults with EB.  So what I did was put cuttings from the silks supplied by Derma Silk from the edge of her visco paste compression area around foot and hand then the conform had a place to wrap up her arms and legs.  At the top the Silks we're let to stick out the top like I'd done with the visco paste. 
At any rate it was a big step for me in the wrap department to stop using so much throw away material.
The nurse and I did both arms in the morning.  By evening we checked one arm and all was perfect so I applied it to both legs.
I imagine she'll get way more air to the area and the zinc in the bandaging won't soften her skin any more.  A side effect of too much topical zinc I'm told.

It's been purculating in my head for months and months since Dino from Derma Silks suggested I use the material in the bandages.  It wasn't till he showed me some images of WILD looking sores with the material directly at the wound.  Two months later I finally came to this.
It's simple.
Not sure why it took me so long.
We'll see how the week goes.
If well, I'll be saving three rolls of visco paste a week.  The silk under layer will likely last a half a year with probably a similar cost per size to a roll of visco paste.

I bet she'll be more comfortable too.

Cordelia is my new Rock Star.
We did another night ski.  Hiked up Mount Seymour in the full moon light off at the alpine trail.
We passed quite a few hikers and a couple skiers and everyone was jealous of Cordelia's free ride.
It wasn't that free.
I'm not sure many people have water skied behind a boat for an hour, up hill, past switch backs and holes in the snow that go to China should you fall in. 
I had to pinky swear that she wouldn't actually fall to China.
But from 10' ahead of her up hill she couldn't actually reach my pinky.

Probably another reason I shouldn't be a father.  Scare my children into paying attention.  Like the Dragons in the hall.  Keep her in bed at night.  That was a complicated story.  There were three.  One bad, one good and one the sister.  All based on Pete's Dragon.

Anyway, here's Cordelia and my excellent Friday evening adventure.

Our ten second time exposure images.

notice shadow from full moon on snow from trees

Raquel was a champ too.
Totally engaged.  Ripping around, happy and healthy.  Umm at home with Babi.
Except all that snot.
Lots of snot this morning.
Cleared up some by afternoon.

Simona is here tomorrow.