Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No blisters Hey?

One giant one at foot where I thought from last night.
We did an emergency change for lunch, as things were degrading rapidly for her .
Pain, wouldn't open eyes, etc...
Renata thinks this knee blister was from holding her this morning.
She is better now that the blood pressure is gone from her foot.  There was a lot of blood that gushed from the foot to the floor.
Her eyes are open now, for the first time today. (has a lot to do with her pain meds/eye drops).  Thankfully we can administer as required.
She is currently in the living room acting normal again.  We'd held off from being quick with her pain meds and wondered if her little outbursts would pass using other means.
Last night my cuddling and playing Radiohead deep into the night was only able to keep her quiet for an hour.  In Renata's time last night she administered which was when Raqu finally fell asleep for the  night (3 hrs till 7)

Anyway, she's comfortable and dancing to Mama Mia for the 300th time this fall.
Eyes shut and a corneal abrasion.
Although, how cute is she?

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