Saturday, November 19, 2011

Needing a Super Hero in Two Weeks

Raquel has taken almost a week and she's out of it now.
She's had two good sleeps and for most of today she's had her eyes open.  Her pain medication is back down to absolute minimum levels.  Which are the regular doses that I no longer believe even phase her.  In fact she's been fine since we got over the dressing change on Thursday.  The one were she was sprawled out on the counter KO'd to the world.
Renata brought up that it's only two weeks from now that she'll be in Europe.
Does that mean Jerry will lend me Simona to stay over and be the surrogate mother?
or that Dammit Janet will lend me her second child to keep Raquel in better hands than my own?
The days are passing very quickly and I can't believe I agreed to this.
I'm not panicing.
I'm most worried about Cordelia whining daily.  Where's mom?
Especially after I refuse to give in and let her win in any of our card games.
I mean really?
I was scolded after I crushed Ren and Cord in Uno last night.
What a scene my girls made.  Cordelia crying blue murder and Renata exclaiming how terrible of a father I was, not to mention Raquel acting up too as everyone looked so hard done by.
I don't remember my grandpa ever letting me win in cribbage. Nor do I remember Mike letting me win any games of Foosball?
When I exclaimed for everyone to suck it up, things just got worse. 
Not so bad that Cordelia didn't show up at 7 am this morning with the deck of cards in my bed asking to play.

I said when the clock turns 8 I'll get up and we can resume our match.

That'll teach me to not change all of the clocks in the house post daylight savings........
Of course it only took her less then 1 minute to find the right clock and watch it click 8:00.
I can tell you the extra 60 minutes of peace and quiet didn't go as planned.
KO'd from her dressing change
First snow hike of year, tomorrow I take Cord for a ski

Oh well with Ren gone -
at least we have our Neighbourhood Masked Super Hero's Jakob & Cordelia to keep the chaos managed out of control..

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