Friday, November 25, 2011

Bright Eyes and Big Smiles

It's amazing what 5 days can do with Raquel.
Her eyes are as bright big and as open as they ever are.
Even the colour of her skin outside Pangaea is full and rich.
Man that kid likes to ride the waves.
She's ripping to shore enjoying every moment.  Although there is this demanding Princess syndrome that has surfaced.  Something that I didn't think imaginable from a child of mine. 
I'm hoping this is a big off shore type wave and it just peters out instead of crashing onto barnacles and reef.
This morning was rather humourous, she woke and was extremely pleasant, until Renata left the room.
Raquel would turn instantly to cry and want Mommy pushing me away and trying with every bit of energy to get by my loving arms.
That kind of partisanism doesn't go far with me, so she ended up whaling on the safe zone with unsympathetic eyes while Ren prepared Cordelia's day.
Of course it was me not being a good father that my child was so distraught.
But really?
Who keeps her wounds in better care?
Who holds her while she doses off to sleep nearly every night?
Who drops her in a free fall from 4 feet above the pillow field over and over again?
Well maybe I shouldn't put that in there.  As what parent in their right mind would drop a child with EB anywhere?
Ahh whatever.  She giggles and signs for more and more.
She even brings me her blanket so that I can hold her safely to do it.

We're back to wonderful and that's all that matters. 

Except as history has shown with her we've got maybe a week or so window of this then chaos generally ensues. 
Funny, but in just over a week Renata flies to Europe for 15 days.  It looks like that's when things will fall apart for the little family unit remaining.
I've handled the dressings, the hard truth about EB in present and future, all the daily techniques of holding, care etc, but what I lack is the experience to look after two children simultaneously for anything longer then 24 hrs.  Of course I have many helpers at an arms reach, but.....
I'm quite sure we'll survive, but I sure there will be many moments while I watch my children flailing on the floor crying for MOMMY!! 

while I watch unsympathetically.

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