Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back into the routine

Raquel has been a super star all weekend.
Till just now.
She has been charging around the house and enjoying every other moment since I came home. 
She has also passed another milestone in comprehension.  All of the sudden there are many things we can ask her to do and with out hesitation she's off doing it.
She still has problems with square block in a round hole, or triangle not fitting into any of the relief cuts of the puzzle with comprised of ducks and cows.
On to her eating issues.
It's rather irritating that we feel so pressed to continue feeding her through her mouth.
Usually she gets little bits of moist bread from the center of the loaves and for the most part there haven't been any problems. 
Not tonight.
This was one of the points I discussed a few times during the Congress.
Is sending clumps of food down her esophagus equal to 'Use It or Lose It?'
Are the problems similar to the eventual webbing of her feet?
Without steady use of food pushing out the walls of the esophagus, do those walls eventually release from the lower layer and close?  Or is it just from constant scaring that her throat eventually creates strictures?

Really, it was a perfect weekend and much of the week leading up to the few moments before she was about to fall asleep.  I was laying on the floor playing with her when she crawls away, I hear a gag and hack and I see a long drip of drool hang from her mouth to floor.  I couldn't tell from where I was if she was still breathing, but she quickly moved into a cry, looking for Renata and tripod-ed off around the corner.
Now every 15 minutes we hear crying. 
Swallowing clearly an issue.
What to do?
Hmmm, I know.
Get up every hour on the hour like before she got her G-tube play music and rock crying uncomfortable baby till we are both delirious come morning.
Ren just advised me that she's sick and won't be doing any night shifts this evening.

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