Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stress and Expectations

We had Uncle Andrew come in for a try at a change with one of our longest nurses.
I told them as we were starting that I wasn't going to be around.
That I'd be gather my fishing gear and leaving for peaceful waters.
'Good Luck, live long and prosper'.
Of course that's not how it shook down.
I took the Third's duty (keep Raquel visually and mentally distracted at the top 1/5th from what was happening at the bottom 4/5ths).  Harder than I figured, I guess I should be a little more patient with the people at the top end.
It's hard enough lining up the cuts of visco paste to go smoothly between her digits and flat across the front or back of the hand or foot. 
Keeping her eyes and mind in focus while the two of them fumbled semi nervously with my piercing perfectionism and many comments of disapproval was interesting.  I felt the stress I once had months ago figuring out the methods I now take for granted. 
I've already scared Sasha and Dammit Janet from the job, which shows how great of a person Andrew is and his devotion to his buddies family.
People like that just don't come around that often.
OF COURSE Janet and Sasha are very eager to help and they do.
DONT worry. 
Back again.
Of course things happen and blisters form during the days between changes.
I have done some terrible wraps with a few not so clever ideas of how to get around certain issues, but I being the dad can live with my mistakes or the reality of what RDEB is regardless of what we do with prevention and healing. 
It's hard to behave and watch someone nervously trying to do the order and methods as I've created.  I did my best, but you have to sit back and let it happen sometimes, I guess. 
I think they did good. 
Time will tell.
I just wish it was only the same two people doing the changes each time while I was away.
It's easier to learn and adapt when you can see what happens from your technique.

The images of her heal I showed a few weeks ago.
It's finally healed.  I ended up putting some mepilex across her heal then cut some lines in it for a little more perspiration to help the healing on a bit.  We also had to use some bactroban and it worked quickly.
That was the first day there was no blood in the water and no yellow gunk build up on the white foam.
Ahhh relief.
One issue down, for the time being.

Luckily for Raquel the bandaging suites my personality of an ever changing procedure.
I think I'd go bonkers if every day's issues were the same.

That's not true.
If every day was the same as in 'perfect', I might be able to find some joy in that.

I'm a few hours away from my long flight to Europe.
Jo will be there to meet.
My Grade 10 german exchange student whom has like Andrew become more of a brother then a friend.
Some 25 years after the tall blonde German with red glasses walked in our door we'll meet for a few glasses of Dutch beer (not Heineken) and catch up on the three years since we last met.
We were set together as we had identical birth dates.  Except he's already 40.
Jaques (his father) suggests this year almost crushed a 10 year run where at least one person from each family has visited the other.
Before that it was a 14 year run I think.
It's been fun.
Wonder who travels the ocean next?
I think it's JO'S TURN!!!!  (Jo is my abbreviated name for Jojo or Joachim, I'm a lazy Canadian)

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