Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting What She Wants

A couple days ago.
Renata was in the kitchen and around the corner comes Raquel in her Tripod crawl dragging her jacket.
After a few moments of persistence from Raquel Renata realized she wanted her jacket on.
Not exactly sure why she'd want her jacket on Ren humoured her.
Within moments Raquel is off to the front door ummpfhing and pointing to the wild blue yonder.
The longer Renata watches in amusement the wilder Raquel emphatically gestures to go outside.
Next step is Ren carrying Raqu in the driveway, but Raqu is still pointing, pointing to the car.
Once in the car Raqu was smiling and ready for an adventure.  10 minutes later I'm hearing Renata climbing the stairs at the office with Raquel happy as can be in her arms.
Raquel is also into getting our shoes and setting them up at the door or bringing them to us.
It seems she has her daddies need for adventure and everything outside.

Last few days have been good.  Still the odd blood mixed with saliva dripping out the side of her mouth, The ITCH and some blood seepage at her foot has plagued the background.  Undaunted she tears around our place and gets into any and everything she can, loving her sister and smiling every chance she gets.
Just want to show off these beautiful hands


  1. nadherna rucicka!!!
    ask Ren to translate :)

  2. a beautiful hand indeed =)

    Paula N.