Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Down Time

It's terrible how nearly every time we have a team meeting with our doctors immediately afterward it goes down hill and fast for Raquel.
She has been miserable for 3 or 4 days.  The nights have been crazed when she wakes and the last two dressing changes have been all about pinning her down and going as fast as possible.
Then yesterday, being a holiday (Thanksgiving) we had no nurse for the dressing change.
The afternoon was bad and there were signs of blood seeping through at her heal so I warned Andrew (our stand-in nurse) that it wasn't going to be fun.
It was hell in fact.
We basically had to yell over Raquel's screams to hear each other.
Worse was if you were the one holding her and closest to her mouth it was all about lip reading.
Since none of us lip read, we had to speak louder and louder to hear each other.  Of course when things are difficult the third time you say something because the others can't hear you, a sense of irritation flashes up at a sentence as simple as 'Please pass the water!!!!'. 
It was impossible to figure out what was bugging her.  Her heal was about as ugly and raw as I've seen one of her blisters and has showed no signs of healing over the last two weeks.
October 7th

October 10th (see popped blister under right eye)

October 10th

She has also scratched her face up pretty good in the last few days and a few nights ago we forgot to pop a blister just under her eye while she was asleep.  Of course it grew 4 times the size by morning and while she was laying back the bubble would start to fall back over her eyelashes into her eye.
I thought popping blisters in her mouth was a chore while she was fighting.
Wow, I don't want to do that again.......
Had my mom with me to help on that one.  This is the second time I've seen her look rather queasy while in the middle of an event.  She was certain I'd stick that needle right through Raquel's eye.
Glad I'd been out for a few hours that morning and had just come home happy, accomplished and with a refreshed set of nerves.

Today Raqu and I are off to get a custom foot brace to maybe correct her foot structure.

I also started an experiment with her foot dressing, which is stressing me out.
Hopefully it works.  A new sense of layering.
Once she gets a shoe I'm sure it'll be fine.
Just hope she gets to that stage before all that skin falls off again.

On the good news front.  45 minutes after the change yesterday -
She started back to her good old self of hamming it up.  She wouldn't go to sleep and kept playing and playing.  It took Ren and I to finally put her down.  I'd hold her still while she tickled her face with a blanket till she finally relaxed.
I figure she was making up for the lost time over the previous few days.
What a kid!!!
Miss Ham and Hammier

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