Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Banking Hours.

This morning I awoke and felt incredibly rested.
Like one great sleep can solve all the angst on the planet.

Off to work and a bit of the regular - one part brain, one part routine, one part harass the grumpy guy on the other side of the wall.

Dressing change was planned for 2pm, due to nurse availability.  I wasn't able to get back anywhere near that time, so Ren and I called in my mom for a late evening third's duty.  Forcing Ren to take the dreaded #2 JOB.
3rd is keeping Raquel calm by what ever means and holding down free appendages.
2nd is holding the appendage being worked on and working in seamless conjunction with the wrapper.  The problem Ren and I have is she can't turn off the nurture part and hardly every pays attention to the next thing she's supposed to help with while bandaging.  Which often turns me sour.
I don't really have an excuse to be sour, but I'll try - as it's often necessary for the dressing change to be over quickly and when feet flap, arms wave and positions aren't maintained....

It went reasonably well till the last few moments on the last hand.  Raquel was getting bored and tired and maybe a little claustrophobic and started to lash out.  As much as my mom and Renata can't stand doing dressing changes with me, well....

It's like two candles shinning light, love and devotion around a powder keg with a little Brat with a good reason kicking up a dusty volatile storm.
Anyway, we survived.
Put Raqu to bed clean and newly wrapped with minimal effort.

just an hour ago (1am) Raqu woke in her typical nightly grumble, which lately involves a Gfeed and Benedryl.
It's a chore, as we both are eventually forced to get up and take care of the little tasks involved in expediting the procedure so we can all go back to sleep.
Tonight was different.
I pushed Ren to start the response and off she went.  (I'm on first response after 3 or 4)
But with the words 'What's this?' coming from Raquel's room turned groggy sleep to peaked attention.
By the time all three of us made it to the couch it was evident with all the blood soaking through her bandages and clothing at her feet, immediate attention was required.
1:30 am and a dressing change with the possibility of giant bloody blisters running up her leg or pushing off the remainder of healthy looking skin at her feet.
Why us?  I guess the painfully small odds of genetically handing down this disease is making it's rounds in our thoughts of late.
Ren and I don't ask to be a normal family, but what we wouldn't give to have a typical, maybe even slightly difficult 1 year old whom wakes in a noisy unanswerable fuss, then with a little rocking and a bottle eventually settles and sleep can be sought by all.
How boring is that?
Banking hours for when we finally reach 'the great sleep'?
For some reason it seems Ren and I don't have enough character to slip into an easy life.
I used to say before Raquel was born when Renata fretted about giving birth.
There's billions of people on the earth, what could go wrong?

There was a lot of blood.
It got exciting.
People that love each other didn't use many phrases with meanings pleasant, warm and or fuzzy .
There was also one of the many times I've looked down at her wound surveyed the situation and asked myself.
'How can I wrap that, not cause more pain, and create a slip layer that won't continue to wear away at the red bloody oozing area with no skin?

We'll see, won't we.

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  1. Mom and I are thinking of you always. Wish that there was something that we could do to help. Can't imagine how you get by with so little sleep and the stress of what might happen next. Warmest hugs to you all and lots of prayers for healing and peace.
    Cousin Sue