Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost off her Pain, till.

In the last few days Raquel has been going huge stretches without any of her typical comfort medications.  We still do her Benedryl in the evening and she'd go for nearly 12 hrs before we'd give her the tiny amount of morphine to take the edge off.  I'm quite sure she's outgrown this dose altogether, but the last two nights have had another flare up of her fussing, kicking at her feet and clawing at her face in the middle of the night.
Again, it's impossible to tell what she's having trouble with, only that if we're not holding her in an improvised straight jacket made from soft blankets she'd be a mess.  This morning at 7am she was back at it again lasting for an hour. 
Once the food and comfort meds had worked their way into her system she finally calmed.  The result it took her a further hour to open her eyes.  I guess she stuck her thumb in there while we were trying to hold her down.  Hopefully the eye thing isn't a scratch, only dry eyes from using up all her tears.
Wow, Ren is in for it.  It'll be a long long 8 days if even three nights are a version of last night...
I'll get mine come December when Ren goes to Europe for 15 days. 

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