Thursday, September 1, 2011

She's walking!!

Not exactly on her own though.
She started using the half empty clothes basket.  She uses it like Grumpy will be soon shuffling after a walker.  Push, three steps to catch up. Push, three steps to catch up.
I'd have videoed it, but Ren and I were in hysterics laughing at how cute and determined she was using this new tool to get around.  She has been very funny of late - during the daylight hours anyway.  Her vampy cries in the middle of our sleep has long not been funny anymore.
She's becoming her own person very fast and all the development that is coming with it is very exciting.
The baby luge I was doing the other day, well, it's not been a good idea.
She has figured out the easiest way down off the couch is to go head first, tuck her chin and do a somersault, landing neatly with her bum at the bottom of the lower pillow.
This evening it all went wrong Pete Tong, I was watching her, then the instant I took my eye off her to respond to Cordelia I heard a thump. She wedged her head between the large pillow and the couch, then did the somersault styled flip.  Again, panic...
What damage was done on my watch??
Renata had just walked out of the room and now I'm looking down on Raquel as she is looking up off into space and wondering if the latest experience was worth crying for or not?
Then she slowly started the many little levels of awareness that eventually lead to a full on tear jerker and high octave sobbing fit. 
Except after the second loud pout it was over.
I did a quick check of all the exposed areas for ripped skin just as Renata came inquisitively back into the room.
'What's wrong?'
Raquel had stopped complaining and there was no evidence of foul or blisters, so I was off the hook.  I didn't see a point in explaining what had happened, as I'd have been put on another.
I'm hoping her development and comprehension comes quick.  She's not getting the 'feet first'  directions.
Problem is she's always watching Cordelia and I rough house.
It's obvious, she wants in on the action in a bad way.
I honestly can't wait till tomorrow evening when I get to see her push the hamper around.
Gotta go to a kids store tomorrow on the way home from work and get some rubber bottomed socks for her to wear for traction!  The wood floor is going to make for some hard nose falls for certain if she can't get a good footing.

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