Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eight years of Bliss

Apparently we got over the 7 year itch.
Could be that we were in survival mode and couldn't be bothered to scratch at each others flaws in what some say is the critical year of marriage.
Although, I do have to search hard for Ren's flaws.
Mine are about as prevelent as Raquel's bumps during a week's adventure, but other then my friends reminding me, Ren endures.
'Marry an Eastern European' I used to say.  They'll make great cake and run the household.
Of course that's not exactly the case anymore as Ren is about as Canadian as they come now.  Her cakes are hit and miss, but always improving.  We unfortunately are tragic at running the behind the scenes of the household, but one day, maybe we get it.
Her patience for her husband although isn't typical for a Canadian woman.
phew!!  :)

Happy Anniversary Ren.

I couldn't have gotten through this year without you.
I said this already to her. OR DID I?

How could I have not said "I DO"

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