Friday, September 23, 2011

Cause and Effect

I'm getting absolutely dumb founded how Raquel can take such incredible damage to her skin and keep on ticking.
These are her feet during today's dressing change.



Bananaing foot.
How can this not be inhibiting to nearly everything she does?
We popped and sliced the blisters poured saline water on top and through the holes onto the fresh wound and she barely flinched.
Then later once Cordelia was in bed Raquel ran (crawled quickly) across the floor playing hide and seek with me.
Crazy is, she actually gets the game.  She starts it and as long as I stay still she finds my blind spot and sits there till I turn to her.  With a giggle and scrunched nose she bolts off again to get into my blind spot.
Funny Kid.  She absolutely cracks me up.

I don't blame the Ortho for the right foots blisters.  How can I, I dropped my cell phone on Raquel's nose.  He at least was trying to help her and figure out a decent future of walking.
I think that's worth a blister.
Dropping one's cell because he was playing Angry Birds for an hour while his daughter slept on his lap isn't.
Although Dammit Janet, picking her up with bare hands on bare chest falls way short of even the cell phone gaff.  Even if you had your man of divinity helping out in that few second brain lapse.
Don't even try to argue!

Apple should make phones slightly more grippy, can't count how many times that phone just slipped out of my hands.  Janet's man of divinity should make all people with Collagen 7 or at least fix those pesky recessive genes people carry around for life times and never know.
Then you'd be able to use your phone and pick up your baby without fear.

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  1. Dammit Janet rocks!!! And really, given the teenage years you spent with her is it any surprise she has RARE brain lapse?