Monday, August 8, 2011

G-tube in and a Success (SO FAR)

So far.
There remains some issues such as the mess left in her mouth and upper esophagus.
A couple things I'd have been a little more forceful with given a second chance.
IE. getting kicked out of OR before they'd put the IV in.
They basically had me cut off bandages on her one hand and hold Raquel till she was KO'd with what ever was coming out of the hose the Doctor followed her nose with.  I got a good whiff due to my proximity and with all Raquel's fussing I was wondering who'd pass out first, her or me.
I was happy at least the mask wasn't attempted first.

So we struggled something fierce till her eyes closed and her body fell limp.
I was frustrated we didn't put her out first, then take off her silks and cut off the bandage on her one arm.
It was very unnerving holding her naked waist up while she thrashed so much.
It would have been so easy to then be the one to re wrap the hand with IV attached.  It would have been way more secure and so much less damaging later on.

As of course the wrap they did was far from my standards.
Although neither was the wrap I did with Renata, a nurse and the Anesthesiologist in the recovery room.  Although mine was still far more secure and safer for Raquel's fingers, arm, face and palm.
That was the moment I wished we'd been successful in lobbing to get one of our home nurses there for the operation too.  Someone on the inside that could slow things down that few extra minutes to get it done right the first time.
Raquel was a different kid coming out of her drug concoction.  Her eyes fluttering in and out of focus, flopping her body left and right in an uncomfortable fit.  Easy bandaging a sleeping baby then the bumpy ride she was on.
Hindsight and something I'll be a lot more forceful with should there be a next time.
I do understand their position, I'm a civilian, a protective dad and standing in a very expensive room with lots of Doctors and nurses theoretically more knowledgeable about these things then me, plus the hordes of kids and parents in the waiting area, but...

I have to admit I like it when Doctors and nurses admit they are scared of Raquel.  Not scared, but that it's stressful with her in their care.  It means to me, that they are honest, with Raquel's best care in mind and of course it's not a RODEO.  More on Bulls later, bullheaded etc..
The Doctor who did the procedure explained Raquel's stomach wasn't exactly where it should have been.  He did great hand gestures while explaining how he used his instrument to gently move her large intestine up and out of the way and then the liver, but to have them fall back in front as he struggled to keep hold of her stomach.
He said it took 20 minutes to finally grab hold and get it to where he could proceed with the surgery.  With a nervous admission he was moments from starting a new hole.
The Anesthesiologist also used the word Nightmare surgery and post op bandage change.

I like that honesty.  I respect that honesty.
Life isn't perfect.
People aren't perfect.
Of course we expect perfection, but if you are trying and of course you are qualified to try and generally really good at your job, then what happens happens, but next time if there is, I'll be sure it'll be much smoother.  It could have been with little effort.

Like I said earlier, her mouth is a mess, but after her latest pain management dose, she ate well from the bottle..
Just as Simona arrived I had Raquel sitting up in her bed playing ball.  I'll add some vid of it when I get a chance to download it from Simona's camera tomorrow sometime.

She's a super star!!
I love her so much it's crazy.
Oh.  Raquel too.

Yes, Simona is all that too.  She came in waiting on 'pins and needles' I'm told.
Waiting for me to text a time and manner for which she should take over.
Phone died, so I didn't get to finish my thoughts plus a few other little things, such as stress associated with kid in OR!! POST OP!!! and doing best to comfort her once in her room.
We had a nice little banter back and forth about 'how vague' could I be?  Just a couple non cryptic updates on Raquel's condition etc...
I tried a few lame excuses, but she didn't hesitate or let me finish my little demi-lies and shot me down in typical Simona fashion (speaking over me).

As I write sitting comfortably in my home office drinking what will be the better part of a very nice Prosecco, Simona has taken the night shift with Raquel
without wine.
Till now Simona is very set on helping guide and mold Raquel into another perfect human being, as of course all three of hers are.
Since I agree full heartedly I have to relent every so often, in letting her take charge.
To tell the truth, kind of like the Doctors today - if we were in the animal world, she'd be the funny looking cow with horns twice the size of all the bulls beating them into oblivion.  So I'm saving myself, really.

haha.  I'm gonna suffer for that comment.
She knows I love her and what she does.  Compliments just don't pass this mouth or these fingers all that easy.

There were also a couple other interesting developments this evening.
We started to change our luck of late.
The $500 in cash I let fly off the top of my car with all my cards and ID has started to come back in bits and pieces.
First my wallet was sent back in the mail.  Full with receipts (some of which were very important and worth a lot of $'s), ID, Canadian Tire money (cause of how much I buy in fishing gear there, shh don't tell Ren), and a single $5 bill folded neatly between all the funny money.  Of course all those brown 100's and a couple red 50's were gone, but replacing all those id cards would have been expensive.
So thank-you good Samaritan!
buy some tires for your car or bicycle on me.
At least something useful, please!!!  I'd hate to think it was spent on drugs and alcohol.
Just before we were about to leave the hospital, we were told there were some volunteers with coffee and treats down the hall.  Once in the room we were given a block of four football tickets. to see The Lions vs The Bluebommers
On the way out we realized Renata's work pass that gives us 1/2 price on day parking at the hospital was in the wrong car.  Turns out the guy at the gate looked through to Renata recognized her and asked if she worked there.  This was even after I handed him the money for parking in full.  We matter of fact told him where her pass was and were then given the cut rate.

In the end I think I'm back $150 on the $500 lost already.

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