Thursday, August 25, 2011

Family did well in my absence

I was away for a few days and had to let go of the leash a little for letting someone else do a dressing change.
I'm back and Raquel seems in  very good spirits.
Some of the nights weren't all that great, but they seldom are.  Except last night.
After a 14 hr drive I was rather exhausted and needed a decent sleep.
Raquel slept right on through.  Usually she has a once up at midnight feed. 
I'm very impressed with our gathered gang that took over the change.  Andrew and Simona helped one of our nurses, whom made a cardboard manual for each foot and hand to better make sense of the order and cut size of the somewhat complicated layering I've created with her visco paste and foam.

I'm very impressed.  I don't have that type of order in my life.  I'm a watcher and doer.  Takes a while for the doing to be of use, but eventually I get there.
As a dad I can get away with some mistakes.
As a medical professional the stakes are slightly different.
Where was I?
Bella Coola fishing amongst the Grizzlies.
Last morning just before I was to start my drive I decided at one last chance at taking home a fresh coho or pink.  But after 3 fish in five cast and holding the line of the last of these fine fish I heard a crack of a branch just below me on the river.  A big bear looking rather under nourished was walking up towards where Karl and I were immersed in our only second double header.  Both of us having to straight line the fish to snap them off as quickly and as quietly as possible not to let the bear get too much of an idea we were in a battle with a fish.  In the panic to get back up to the boat launch 60 meters above in waist deep current I slipped, fell in and soaked my self (third time in two days, Karl was not impressed by the other two as it meant an unscheduled trip back to the cabin to get dry clothes), but this time I had my phone for some documentation of a few of these fish, also losing two fly boxes in the open chest pocket (yes - yet another costly bone headed maneuver by me).  Anyway, I made it to shore 60 meters ahead of the Big Brown Griz and back to my car.  He stood staring at the water on top of a downed tree just feet from the only place we could exit the water.  Looking intently to see any dead or dying fish to snack on.

Last year one of my buddies had a Griz charge him twice while a fish was splashing about at the end of his line.  So this time I was very careful not to let the fish break water before I was able to snap my line.  It's slightly different being on dry land when a bear charges then being a helpless in a strong current.  As both my air horn and bear spray were slightly submerged in my gear.
Anyway, it was fun.

No harm no foul.

haha (sound of nervous laughter)

If we were at this part of the river when the Griz showed himself, ahhh.  Not fun.  He would have been 10 m to my right and a 10 second swim for him or bounce through belly deep water.
This was the honey hole, once I figured out the fly, depth, drift and retrieve rate I was having a lot of fun.  Glad we were 100 m upstream at that time.
I'll get some more info on the kid in the last few days after work.
We weren't so interested in taking the route most traveled.

My friend, blurry for a reason.

2140 kms of road

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