Friday, August 5, 2011

Back into high levels of unknown pain.

Last night and still continuing Raquel is in fits.  It's really irritating when we can't put a finger on it.
Her nose is plugged.  That would piss her off. But that much?
She has many blisters in many areas larger then a square inch.  That would piss her off.  But that much?
She's gurgling again and may have an esophagus blister again.  That would piss her off.  But that much?
She's got gas.  That would piss her off.  But that much?
She likes to be up right. 
So Esophagus? 
Maybe it's the Itch? 
Or hunger but can't eat because of esophagus? 
Although it's probably all - can't breath, itchy, sore, esophagus irritation and hunger = no sleep for Ren, Raqu and I.
We were able to get her down and quiet for odd stretches last night
2hrs.  20 min.  5 min.  2 hrs.  5 min.  2 min. 20 min etc.
Then I tried the music therapy.
Put my little ipod speaker close by her head and and listened to Ray LaMontagne laying by her on the floor in the living room.  He's one of her favorite artists of late.  Put it on and she starts rocking and dancing.  It took two songs and had her out and laying somewhat comfortable.  She'd sigh or kick every once and a while, but generally out and resting. I'd just restarted the album when she started to stir again.  She did her little tripod movement wedging her head to the couch, as I opened my eyes I realized she was way to close to the speaker.
Within the second it took me to get on my knees and get ready to pull her away, she did a wiggle and gone was a very large area of her cheek as she managed just a graze of the metal and plastic speaker.  It's freaking rounded on all sides too, not exactly shaped to maim. 
Then she got wild again.  That's 5 major thrashes for the evening.
One blister on each eye lid, one still needing to be popped, the other just a skin smear like her cheek.
Who knows what else she did to her feet and hands in that time.  I'd put money on that atleast one of her fragile feet is gonna be a bag of fluid by dressing change time.
Oh, no dressing change today.
Well, we'll probably have to adjust that..
Yesterday was our pre-op.
It went well.  Although I get very nervous when the doctor used the words.
'We've done that Rodeo before'.
Happy we had that Debra hand out of Surgery and Anesthetic tips to be scanned in a millisecond by the doctor and handed back.  Of course, that steer has been ridden before, nothing to worry about I'm sure.......
I'm happy they've agreed to let me set her up in the operation room then come back in once they've done.  Hospitals and Raquel are just flat out scary.
Too many people with a job to do.
And it's a job, so the cavalier bull rider shows up once and a while and maybe doesn't quite get the full assessment before diving in.
Not saying that exactly about the Doctor we met yesterday, but believe me when I say I'll have my eye on her.  She did say some right things though. 

At least I was very comforted by the post op area and staff.
Got to keep her in good spirits till then...
Hopefully last night resolves itself soon...

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