Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dad acts like teen and Cordelia swims.

Raquel was pretty good during these days.
Although her best two nights were the drives up and back.  It's still rather difficult listening to her wake and start fussing and rubbing her legs and face like a wriggling worm on hot pavement.  We've slowly become less quick to her and it shows in her face right now.  Lots and lots of little circles.  Irritating.
We've decided to only travel her at night so that she's guaranteed to be out for 90% of it.
It's worked well.  Except the last two drives have made me basically useless the following day.  Again, Ren is tough.
We brought  Gabi (still here from Czech) and Dammit Janet's middle child.
She's been a super star helper.
At the age of 12, she's amazing.  Gabi is good, but she's a teen and getting more teen.  haha, I'm gonna get punched when she reads this.
Yeah?  Where did she learn that hard physical behavior?
I thought the Hozova family, even though her grandpa was a colonel in the Czech army with serious black belt levels in Judo, were a peaceful family.  With basically all girls.  The only boy under the umbrella of Pan Hoza is 2, so no rough housing exists in that family, yet I get beaten almost daily by her?
Anyway Dammit Janet's wonderful child holds Raquel right and I certainly trust her beyond almost every adult that has asked to hold Raquel.  Although, I did have a nervous gasp when I walked into a room as saw she was feeding Raquel.  I assumed Renata had shown her the ins and outs, so I rolled my eyes in hope and kept walking.  No pain and suffering afterward, so done well.
I guess I'll have to wait at least another 15 years for her to get hired as a nurse, or maybe she'll be the super geneticist that'll cure her for once and for all.

It was interesting being one of the guardian figures with two teens around.  It turns out the only real teenaged obnoxious behavior had an epicenter radiating from me.  Oh right, I'm the one who taught Gabi the art of the jab and take down.  Problem for her is I out weigh her by 100 lbs.  So there's no take down on the horizon for her.
The teen aged style brain meltdown of the weekend terminated in a game where we were trying to get Renata set at the edge of the dock, so Cordelia could push Ren into the water.  As Cordelia had seen me chuck Gabi off numerous times, usually because she had it coming...
Both of the teenagers were on the dock and some what blocking me from Ren, as they knew what I was intent on doing.
Helping Cordelia of course.
The girls were distracted by the nervousness of Renata verbalizing her worry over possibly kicking Cordelia with her heal on the way in.  So just as Cordelia started to push Ren's butt I gave a little shove from the top.  In goes Ren, but Cordelia seeing Renata go in so fast managed to grab a hold of her swim suit and went in with her.
Till this date, Cordelia only goes in the water with a life jacket.
Renata and I have tried a few times to get her to swim, but she's too nervous.  (Like her mom - totally capable, but some strange mental block - The movie Ants comes to mind when the line gets broken and the stranded ants start to panic, yet the route maybe just a quick and simple right and a left to get back on track, but the panic of not seeing the straight line clouds all rationality and common sense).
As I'm watching at my daughter go over the edge and plunge below the surface of the water, I some how make the conscious decision to wait an extra split second to see if she continues to sink to the bottom or makes a self recovery and kicks herself back to the surface.
She did make it quickly back up and was kicking and waving her arms in a wild dervish.  I called for her to come closer to the dock and she started to come back.  It was about then that Renata realized Cordelia was in the water too and gave her a push toward me so I could pull her up.
Followed by some seriously cross words from Renata....
I didn't hear them anyway, I was full with pride.
Cordelia was swimming without her life jacket.
But once up Cordelia went into a screaming fit but mostly because her clothes for the ride home were wet.
Then she was cold, then it was something else, but not because she was basically pushed in by me. The moment I saw Cordelia past the climax of being pissed off, I looked her in the eye and asked her quietly if she wanted to know what just happened.  I had to ask it a few times in a calm voice till she finally looked me in the eye and asked what?
'You swam by yourself without a life jacket'.
That was the end of that.
Within minutes she was bragging to me, Grandma and later Renata she swam by herself.
I'm still impressed I was able to turn that situation so quickly from how stupid I was to the more important accomplishment of Cordelia swimming.
Although on the drive back, when I left my wallet with lots of cash and all my cards on the roof of my car while gassing - I was again stuck with 'how stupid was that?'

I don't feel like talking about the deep skin flap gurgling in Raquel's throat during the dressing change the other day.  It followed some gagging 18 hrs previous, as well as a wild 30 minutes deep in the night, ending in a blood stained saliva trail coming out the side of her mouth.  She basically fell asleep the moment it started to trickle out of her mouth.  The relief of a big bubble clogging her mouth and painfully pushing more skin away from it's fragile anchor was obvious.
I won't say what her going limp and back to sleep so quickly after such an event reminded me of.

The G-tube can't come quick enough.
As scary as it still seems, August 8th will be a new era.  We've had lots of well wishers and reasons not to worry.  We are actually pretty relaxed about many things these days, but still.  Plastic pathways to a stomach is just flat out bizarre.

Anyone checked Tripp's mom's blog??
H.F. (yes an abbreviated swear word)
Wow, is that ever tough to comprehend.
No, actually.  I can't comprehend the pain and suffering that boy and his caregivers are going through.  I just can't.   I don't even want to.
ears plugged and
head in sand....

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