Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Luge and a big blister.

I should have know better, but it seems when Raquel was flopping down and hit Cordelia or the ground in the few times around when the video below was shot, it created a blister that eventually wrapped right around her elbow.
Oh well.
As painful and ugly as it looks, I'm not sure I'm willing to stop playing with her like that.
Just be a little more sure obstacles such as her sisters knee isn't in the way.  That's twice in a week that her knee has been in the path of Raquel falling and out of control.
It's a toss up.  Normal baby fun or girl in a bubble.
It's so f'n cruel this is!!

Last nights outburst from Raquel was something.  It must have been the ITCH!!
I held her tight from her smacking herself and it took nearly all my strength.  She is so strong I can't believe it.  After 20 minutes of holding her so tight she couldn't move, I think she tired her self out and passed out.  I think the benedril (sp?) helped keep her out and our night became peaceful.  But it sure was an all parents on deck situation for nearly an hour at 2am.

We've started to have nursing issues again.  We have lots of hours but there isn't anyone to fill them.  It's interesting as we've started a slide back into chaos again within the household.  It was great back when we were getting the hours filled.  Things started to get done around the house and I was actually able to work full time.  Slowly, not the case anymore.  I have no idea how we'll survive once Ren is to go back in January part time.  NO IDEA..  At least Cordelia will be in Grade 1 and occupied for much of the day.

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