Monday, July 18, 2011

If it weren't for eye issues we'd be doing wonderful

It seems every morning depends on how or when Raquel will open her eyes.
This morning it was only a half hour, but it was because I medicated her a tiny bit extra.  She was a little thrashy and does this annoying tripod styled thing where she plants her face into the ground (her safe zone matt) and then walks and moves forward rubbing her face along the floor.  Joy.
She's not had any real rug styled burn from that, but the friction possibilities are frightening.  Especially if in the moment I take my eye off her and she reaches the wool carpet.
Once this part of the day is over, then she's been very good.
Yesterday Ren was off on a few occasions and Raquel and I had a wonderful time together.
First, we made our resident teen get out of bed before 8 am and go for our Sunday muffin and coffee run at the competing coffee shop to Andrew's Moja.  He should be open Sunday, although I like to change up the espresso flavors, otherwise it would get boring and I'd probably not appreciate what they got going on.
Then took her for a walk with Cordelia and Raquel.  Went down to the harbour walk along a creek and watched a big ship get loaded with Pulp.  Saw a few seals chasing some fish along the shore.  Of course that made the rest of my day difficult wondering when I'd get to go fishing next.
But really, Raquel is getting pretty good.  We have our struggles nearly every other day where the crying gets close to red line, but it's all been manageable.  The last time I felt shattered was up at the cabin and the first dressing change.
Cordelia and Gabi are off today to do some sailing for the week.
I'm very proud of Cordelia.  I think it helps that her big cousin is going, but it's playing up to how I see Cordelia and I's future camping trips.
I used to dream of paddling a canoe across the country, well Rockies East with a few notable portages, but now it's a little 17' sail boat and exploring some of the giant lakes we have in the interior of BC.
Take a week or so and just have fun.  I can't see Raquel doing those trips, but time will tell.  Ren has somehow been lost in that equation.  I've mentioned the trips so many times and she's not said, 'yeah that's cool I want to too', so I kind of assume she's not interested.
Funny, marriage.  So intertwined in many ways, so out to lunch in others.
Maybe we have a sumo suit built for Raquel so she can sit in the boat and not get bounced and blistered to hell.  Plus when she goes overboard when we capsize, she'll have a full body suit floatation device.

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