Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cabin Fever

It was a fun trip, but like as is our life.  Ups downs.
Ups were the moments and mornings that Raquel woke up with a smile on her face and continued through the day.
Problem was they didn't come till end.
We arrived at cabin late at night, in morning Raquel's foot was soaking wet.  Renata figured it was her sticking it in her drooling mouth.  I also in denial was looking up at the roof wondering if our ancient cedar shake roofing had finally failed.
It was when she really started to become irratible that it had to be what it was.
I giant blister.  One on her foot we hadn't seen since the days of the hospital and the few months after it took to get the skin back together.  That dressing change was total chaos.  Renata was holder and her least favorite job.  One that she explains if we did together on a regular basis would certainly end in divorce.
Yes I act like an ass when she helps.  Mostly frustrated that she never pays attention when we do it on every other occasion she's there helping distract Raquel.  It didn't help that the space and atmostphere wasn't what we were used to.  It thankfully went up hill from then on...  Gradually.
One week at the cabin is never enough.  I just get the hang of it.  Relaxing.  I gotta do this that. this lake that lake, Oh then be an active participant in family matters.
Sure helped that Renata's sister is here from Czech.
So nice having her sister to grab baby when I gotta split.
Cordelia still holds this years largest fish.
Raquel is making some great sounds and has become very aware of our requests to a few funny questions.
Due to the influx of Czechs in our house hold they are almost all Czech.
I can fumble my way through them and get the desired result, but if Gabi is near, she has a disapproving smirk, but usually lets me get away with it...
Move vids to come..

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