Friday, June 24, 2011

The slippery mountain slope.

Well, was that a smooth fall from bliss or what?
Currently we are in chaos mode, again.
It's lucky for me my memory is short and I'm able to live in the present of good times, save good feelings in some subconscious bank then dole it out when we're back to suffering sleepless nights of watching our little girl bash her skin off.
It's been three days of her not wanting to open her eyes.  Ren is off to children's again since this isn't going away.
She gets her eyes open for a couple hours, but it's usually when the back ground irritations are at a minimum and or the Morphine and Tylenol are in perfect working quantities.
Then, in the time it takes to look at your wife and say,
'I think we're past it'.

Raquel rolls over does a face plant into either of our knees, her padded safe zone or the dangerous wood floor and scrubs off a nickle sized piece of once beautiful living flesh and cycle repeats itself.
I'm reminded of the French labs back in school with the earphones.  Repeat after me.
Le nez de mon enfant est un désordre rouge et ensanglanté.

Rudolph our Red Nosed Reindeer, once it starts to heal anyway.
Today I'm shattered...

She's so much stronger then me....

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