Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm getting greif from my mom

She's a little irritated with me that I don't often include how great Raquel is.
Mom goes on about how great she is when she comes for a visit and enters the door and Raquel points up baba!
The smiles and goofy antics (now that she's fastly becoming human).
We had a bunch of tests recently.
She's on the curve for expected growth in exactly where she should be and right on what Cordelia was.  The area where she's ahead of the curve is the giant HEAD she has.  I could do a few quotes of "So I Married an Axe Murderer", but much of the world won't understand the references to a little bit of Canadiana.
Oh Ren just informed me.
She's tenth percentile in growth, but 90th in head size.
So her X-girl super powers just might be within the size of that Cranium.

We've had a very very good patch this week.
Raquel has been happy and crawling up a storm.  She just puts her head down and trudges on.  She likes the power cables dangling from the lap top we watch netflicks from.
I just heard a story from Czech that my nefew found some scissors and cut the cables to my sister in-laws laptop.  hmm.
That would have been fun.  Lucky for him that the handles were plastic....

The european current is a little more intense then what we have here in North America.

I'll add some videos of Raquel charging around once Cordelia lets me on my computer.
She's got a little fever and has been watching Grossology.  It's all about Boogers and Colon monsters.  I've been told there is an educational element to the cartoon, but I haven't seen it.

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