Friday, May 13, 2011

Ups and Downs.

I think we have a vampire for a daughter.
During the day she's as content and fun as can be.
Then early evening, strangely the time I come home from work, things start going sideways.
My first grasp and kiss early evening is shortly followed by distress.
I'm fearful that it's related to the dressing changes that happen in those hours.
We threw a monkey wrench in that today.
We did the change at 9am.
She was a pleasure.
But last night was terrible.
Up on the hour every hour till we gave her some Tylenol.  She's cutting her top two and bottom two teeth all at once.  How come they grow at night?  This is why I think she's a vampire.

Anyway, at 4:30 am was my turn to take over tending her discomfort.
The only thing that helped was holding her in my arms with her in an as upright position as I could.
This carried on till 7am.  I got a good hour in on the couch till 8.

She had no blisters anywhere, but she's developed a great number of small ones on her face.
I currently blame Simona as she spent the day on Wednesday with her and let her go great stretches of time with her thumbs out of her silks, not fully supervised either.
Not exactly in my approved care criteria. 
But what do you do?
She sent Ren and I off to a romantic dinner and a movie that Renata actually stayed awake through.  Crazy!.
Next weekend we go to our cabin with a crew.
We usually do Easter up there and for probably the last 6 years in a row.  It didn't fall on our month timeshare so we'll have to deal with May.
The weather is better anyway, but hard to mess with tradition.
I'm excited to have these people share in with our late night/early morning scream fests.  Our cabin is a log very rustic with no doors.  Every vinyl slip in your sleeping bag can be heard in every point of the cabin.  The mountain air helps keep most people dead asleep.  We'll test this though.  Actually, I attempted to rent the neighbours cabin for Ren and I but it's full.

Wow, are a few people gonna love us.
I've warned to bring ear plugs.
I'm quite sure by the third night tempers will flare from lack of sleep (Maria and I in a dual to the death as it usually turns out).

Andrew, Raqu (hiding) Renata, Ella, Cordelia and I for a walk in the forest.

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