Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tip Top.

I wonder, can this get better?
What a week Raquel and us have had.
Her hand bandage has changed so that I've allowed for her thumb to be free.
Not free to the world free.
Free to move within a couple layers of Visco paste and under her silks.
It's been great.  Many of the hand issues that were pestering me through Renata's questions and suggestions have seemed to have rapidly corrected themselves.
There is still the stricture at her palm, but I'm hopeing that will get better as with the rest of her hands.
She's been rapped like this for almost two weeks now.  I can tell she likes it too with how she can hold and grab things.
I've been anxiously awaiting some blisters on her thumbs or within the web space of the thumb, but it has yet to happen.
Seems we might be able to brave further steps now.

Saturday Renata was out all day, so Raqu, Coco and I did our thing.  We were gone for the better part of the day going from this place to that and it was a freedom with Raquel I've not yet felt.  We stress every time we get her into a car seat and going to where ever.  The day couldn't have unfolded better.  We're planning for our summer trip to the cabin and it seems more and more likely should this trend continue.
She has quite a few new blisters on her chin and cheek from the buckles even though they are wrapped in lambs wool.  Minor.
I say minor, but it's meaning is bizarre.  On Wednesday while cutting her remaining finger nails I was able to pull off another.  Renata and I we quite happy to see it go.  Some parents I'd think, well me should Cordelia loose a finger nail I'd be quite upset, but Raquel loosing one means one less hassle.  Major issue to some, benefit to us.  Minor.

She has been amazing during the dressing changes of late too.  It was getting so bad I asked our Pain team to look into what we might be able to use to get her into a calm state while doing various dressings or getting into her mouth for blister popping or skin flap removal should it be necessary.
No fuss, no problem.  I know it's just part of the roller coaster ride, but seems so far away I was forced to consider such drastic measures.  Although we are supposed to be going in this week to do a supervised run in hospital.  Minor.

Tomorrow or at one point this week, now that I've said this, all will go south.
It's happened with shocking regularity, it's like climbing the Eiger.  From what I've heard.
One side is a reasonable hike, the other - the North Face a straight plummet to the bottom.

But for now we'll enjoy.

Not the bear I carved back when, but the hands are suspiciously close.

Last day of organized snow fun, irritated they closed the fun part of the mountian with the 6 meters they are boosting  so that we were forced to ski with the Jibbers on the flat side.

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