Monday, May 9, 2011

Raquel is testing our stamina

Nights of suffering for all, then morning comes and things are almost normal.
We had a blister on her tongue that was too small to attempt a pop last night, as well she had the scabby skin flap gurgleing at the back of her mouth.  So every once and a while when laying back we'd hear the sound of drowning baby.
It's actually quite frightening looking at this weird white bubble thing flapping deep down her mouth while she's screaming at you and thrashing, up, down, sideways, up, down, kick, stretch, forward.  Gasp Freak. Lunge back in the opposite direction your hands are protecting her from.
One of these times I'm going to be talking about why she had a giant face blister smear.  It'll be because she jettisoned herself from our grasp in the middle of the night where my or Renata's faculties weren't exactly functioning at full levels.  Her core strength is actually so strong that both Renata and I are at the limit of our capabilities in keeping her safe from herself while attending to this or that blister in danger zones. 
I have to admit, this morning I couldn't get out of the house fast enough to go to the sanctity of work.
Even if I'm trading one situation for another in a nearly 50 year old balding, disgruntled Czech who complains and laments nearly any and every issue facing his little daily circuit from parking tickets to Czech Hockey.  Maybe not every issue, I bring up world politics he's a little out to lunch, unless it directly impacts him.  He's not a citizen yet, so when he complains about even his parking tickets I cut him off tell him to become one, vote and then maybe the airwaves coming out of his mouth will become a little more then hot air.
Then if he wins at darts?  arggg.  What an annoying sound of primal monkey chest beating I must endure.

Why do I know so many Czechs?

This my goofy half Czechs with enough Canadian 57 to save them.
Check out the size of that cranium to the right.  It's got it's own atmosphere.  Hopefully it's all brain.

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