Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Good weekend.

All and all Raquel was great.
Most of my fears of Raquel bursting out in loud screams of pain or colic or what ever babies do didn't surface.  At all.
It was also the first time Renata was able to sleep in the same bed as Raquel.  I did a little turn one night, but was too freaked out to be that close to her in a bed while sleeping.  I sleep light, but one thud of an arm or a roll onto her arm and I'd probably never sleep tight again.  We rented our neighbour's secondary suite and it was very odd stepping out of the rustic chaos that is our cabin into floors that are spotless, central heating, a shower, and a dishwasher that didn't have two arms and name wasn't Lubo or the evening scurry of little furry animals.
There were a few highlights.
Cordelia catching the biggest fish of the weekend.
Raquel being a very normal baby and having great dressing changes.
Ella biting the finger nail off Raquel.


During one of our dinners, someone reacts with a nervous Ella! I look to see Ellas mouth and teeth firmly gripped around Raquels bandaged hand.  With a big pull of obvious pain Raquel was able to get her hand to freedom from being bitten clean off.  A good deal of crying happened as a result.  I think for Ella and my sake I was sandwiched between two people a wall and a table to defend Raqu in the seconds her teeth were gnawing at my daughters fingers.  The usual hopeful banter of not much happened took place between the nervous adults, yet I was quite sure I saw the moment her teeth pulled past Raqu's first knuckle and slipped off the end of her bandage.
Once Raquel calmed I did a few tests to see if damage was done by squeezing lightly her fingers.  Each time I got a good reaction.
After dinner we did a small change of the hand dressings to find indeed a decent blister pushing up the whole end of her finger.  As I poked at her nail it was clear there was likely to be a short end to it, as it moved independently of her finger. 
I often joke about pulling her nails out one by one, to get it over with, but at least we'd be using M&M or some other pain/amnesia-tic concoction and laid out comfortably on a hospital bed.
That's for me, then what ever Raquel needs!! 

The visual of her hand red and raw after the big blister on her thumb from before we left on Thursday and the loose finger nail a few millimeters up and floating above a bag of skin and water looked very much like that of an atomic bomb survivor.

I really wouldn't want those who weren't there to miss this one.
I'll add pictures later.

MW will have to deal with the nick name Ella will now have The Fang.
The next day when it was time to do a full change I was able to put our biggest needle for draining and puncturing wounds well under her nail.  Raqu didn't even budge and it was her usual dressing change dose of morphine that I don't really think is sufficient for real pain episodes.
Now that's a tough kid!  I see and deal with all of it daily.  I don't understand.

I currently have a little sliver in the side of my left thumb.  It's been there for a week, I can't see it or get it out and now it's starting to get hot and sensitive.
What a baby I act like when I bump it.

I think the nail falls off either Wednesday or Friday.
I should have been putting Raquel's toe and finger nails under her pillow to see if there is a Fingernail Fairy.
In hopes she'll drop a couple hundred each.
I'd invest it with the hopes Lee Press-on will have a product for her when she becomes 13.

Although, overall it was great to be at the cabin, hopefully the others thought so, despite the dark stormy cloud that followed me around.  Not sure sometimes why I have any friends.

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