Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frey'd Knot

We're getting at each others throats.
We had plans to be packed and nearly ready for our trip to cabin, but Raquel again had a deep throat blister.  At first I jumped to blame the feeding techniques Renata carries on with.  We've had a few conversations about what Raquel should be eating from, but other then her solid food, we've done nothing that's lasted.  Then when things go south and she's in a lot of pain it's impossible to get in new methods, so it's back to the trouble.  We had an identical moment on Monday with the nurse and an emergency call into Dammit Janet to help with a dressing change.  That was 45 min of suffering and thrashing by Raqu and almost a run to ER for some M&M so we could be sure to get any skin flap that might cause problems later.  This evening it didn't appear to be that big and she was calming down in 20 minutes with her special meds.  She's laying in a ball on the floor beside me and fusses every 10 minutes.
I think once I go off at 1 am to bed, Ren will have a pleasurable couple hours.
I have no answer why we haven't moved on in this regard.  It's senseless.  We've adapted at all other concerns and her care has been very fluid with what ever comes up.
Right now, we're going to have another terrible night.
Eyes with scratches + big deep blister in mouth at uvula = pain, suffering, irritation, no sleep and a grumpy morning and Ren and I pissed at each other.
Wow, aren't we setting off on a good foot for a long weekend..

Hopefully I'll have happy images of Raquel in a canoe with expressions of joy and wonderment at a new environment by next post.

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