Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crawling or some form of it is now inevitable.

She's rolling over and stretching out.
Our soft safe zone isn't large enough anymore.
Until now we've been able to control her environment to the n'th degree.  We are quickly losing control of that now.
We used to have moments were we take a look and notice she's content enough that we could go quickly around the corner to make toast or pour a glass of water etc.
Not too much longer, as those moments seem to be near blips now. 
Exciting and stressful.
Exciting that your kid is developing somewhat normally, I think the stress part is understood.
I remember 4+ years ago my buddy Ken made hard jokes about kicking the feet from his kid to slow him down from walking.  At the time I was shocked that he not be excited his child could and would walk early.  How was it something not to be proud of?
Cordelia was getting close and I was hoping she'd be up by 9 months, as my mom suggests I was.  Now that I'm further down the road of parenthood  -
Kick the feet out from your kid (gently of course, especially if it's going to create a raw puss fill pocket you'll have to lance).
There is a life time of walking, running and all that (hmm for many I guess). 
What's two or three more months?

It's two or three more months of a little peace for the beleaguered parent, is what it is.
What are we supposed to do with an creepy crawler with EB that just doesn't get it?
Doesn't get that she's so fragile, that she's so fragile, and lastly THAT SHE'S SO FRAGILE.
Almost every lunge she makes in an attempt to go somewhere ends up flat on her face on the coarse wool carpet 6" from her padded play area.
Her elbows already are two giant sores.
Oh well.
I was just starting to worry less about her hands.
Kind of lost track that soon would be a whole host of other issues.

Last night was many sleep interrupted fits of pain.
No idea why.

Back down and descending the North Face I'm thinking. 
Down river without a paddle or up a mountain without a rope? 
Ski's would be nice, just point em and go! 
Down river?
Why go back?
Just keep going, you'll find ocean sooner later. Problem is, I've heard my ancestors trudged across Eastern Canada in canoes looking for Beaver.  I guess it's in me to portage right back up to the start.
Glutton for punishment.

At least it'll only last a week or so.
Deep breath....


  1. try using nursing pads as knee and elbow pads:) they will help protect to come degree and conform to those areas well. you can attach them over bandages on her arms/legs or over her clothes too!

  2. Deep breath. A glutton for punishment and stubborn as a mule(from what I remember). All things that will help you rise to the occasion. Find your paddle, rope and keep moving! I sincerely believe we come across the challenges in our lives because we can handle them. Although that is usually extremely unclear when you're in it!!
    You guys are doing an amazing job!