Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 24/7 dose is gone.

This is Raquels first day of free pain.
Free to experience it like everyone else.
It has been a little while now I had suspicions she's out grown her dose.
Only her Tylenol and the higher dressing change doses seemed to help in the extreme cases.

Last night we had a violent fit that was ear shattering.
I had one of Renata's extra pillows firmly pressed against my upward ear while Renata attempted to calm her.  It was when I heard Renata crossly yell "Raquel stop".
This instantly got me out of bed and down the hall bumping off the walls in disorientation.  We (Ren and I) have a good thing going.  When it's clear the other can't cope, you gotta step in.  Renata knows I've handed screaming baby off on plenty of an occasion.  I'm just happy I went to bed at a decent time and was able to spend two hours holding her till I was sure she was down.
It's amazing how strong she is in her fits.
I was holding her with hands down and legs apart while she thrashed for 45 minutes.  It literally took great effort, to be firm but not overly tight that I damage her skin.  It was great when the Tylenol kicked and what ever that was passed.  If I had her strength in the body ratio from her to me, I'd be The Incredible Hulk(man).
She wasn't really awake, but makes me wonder if it's just the normal baby colic?  I once lived below a family where the baby screamed night after night after night.  I couldn't stand it.  I can't imagine the mom, as I only ever heard her songs and voice.
Hard to say or know, even a doctor yesterday mentioned that she once phoned her colleagues at night asking what's this then holding the phone in her screaming childs direction.
Just baby being baby.
Hard, cause we've had no experience such as that with Cordelia.  She just cried for attention.  Which is really easy.
Go to bed!  Then ignor her till she finally figured out we can listen to her yells and cries for attention all night.  Of course Raquel has a leg up on Cordelia in the attention department to begin with, as we're screwed when Raquel starts to figure out the manipulative areas to get attention.
She'll get it. 
Side note a friend forwarded me a very funny story 'Go the Fk to bed'.
Worth a peek should any of you be interested in crass humour.

Anyway, we've reached the no morphine 24/7 miles stone.
The other little thing that's happening now is her opposable thumb grasp.  I'd forgotten what it was like to be holding Cordelia when she was dudu (soother) sucking and holding and squeezing my finger in her grip.  Raquel does that now like a little bandaged crab.  It's bliss feeling her grip.  In so many ways.
Love her,
Love it!

I'm preped for the 2-4 am scream fest.  Yesterday was three in a row.
Do I hear a forth?

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