Friday, April 8, 2011

Vancouver in the Spring

Cordelia, Renata and I had Grandmother look after Raqu for the morning while we went for a couple hour ski up our local mountain. 
The sky was clear for as far as the curving earth and distant mountain ranges would allow.
The mountain we ski has a tram so only batches of 51 can get into the alpine at a time, so for the first 2 hours the runs are bare.  The sun softened the snow significantly by second run and we enjoyed smooth arcs all the way down each run.  Cordelia showed Renata what was up.
It's been so long that Renata and I have skied, I'd forgotten how well she moves. haha..
She did a few spritely turns through a mogul patch and their were sparkles in my eyes.  Once and a while it still happens.  Haha.
These pictures are from two days prior.  We were having too much fun to stop and photo op.

I have three years to rig a sled contraption similar to a snow limo that I can get our littlest ball of excitement out to enjoy true family outings.  Really, I can't wait!!!!
Except the roll bars and cage will have to be titanium for the speed I'll like to travel...

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