Monday, April 4, 2011

Seems Daddy was missed.

After a weekend off the grid, I find out Raquel didn't sleep much and Renata's and my battle of "who's more tired" was a no contest.  Sleeping near a babbling brooke bound in a mummy bag on an air mattress after paddling and fishing for 8 hrs a day in slightly cold in near sub zero temps versus up every hour on the hour for two nights then wide awake to tender one semi sick kid and the other whom you can't let your eye off for many more then 60 seconds.
At least I wasn't greeted with my clothes in a box at the front door.
Now that I am home, Raquel only woke up twice during the night.
Seems I'm a little less shy about administering comfort doses to keep the edge off and her in fits of what ever it is she's going through.
Yummy Cuttroat and my TV dinner tray

After this how could I possibly complain when Renata gets her spa weekend?
Anyone taking bets she chickens out?  Problem is, she needs to find someone also willing to ditch out on family obligations.  I have no shortage of those kind of people.
Tent front door view

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