Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bad Daddy!!

I come home after watching the game seven of the hockey series that is going on right now between the Canucks and Blackhawks to find a drawing on the kitchen table (the Canucks won by the way).  The drawing clearly states by Cordelia's hand.

To Mom
No Dad.
leav.  (my interpritation is 'leave it alone!!')
What's underneath?
The best Boochta (not exactly the Czech spelling) Renata knows how to make.
In fact it is sooo good I tell her not to make it that often, because I simply can not control myself.
I'm already on my second piece.
You know when people talk about setting someone up to fail.
Cordelia did that to me.  She got Renata to make a cake while I was out.  I come home after a couple pop and while in the kitchen looking for something interesting to eat I notice a neat little drawing from Cordelia and under it is my favorite cake.
Walking on by, was never ever going to happen.
Ryan gets Zero.
but mmmmmmm
It was slightly worth the crying I'll hear in the morning.
Raquel watched the game with me till about the second period when she finally started to settle (it was a party for her too).  It wasn't till the Canucks missed a few chances that I had to hand her off to someone a little less vocal.  She was so dead to the world that when the winning goal happened in overtime, she didn't even budge.
She has been great, outstanding, Wonderful since our last episode.
In fact our daily doses have dropped down considerably as she has been falling asleep shortly before the time to be given and wakes up happy without.
I was telling Raquel who Spock is

Focus like her sister.

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