Monday, March 28, 2011

A thank you.

Today we went to say thank you to many people who helped us out with dinners through two months around Christmas.  With so many difficult decisions and actions to deal with on a weekly basis concerning Raquel my fear of public speaking was nothing by comparison, despite standing in front of a crowded room of the Capilano Church Congregation.  When in College I actually went blind with fear during a Model UN Conference in a PolySci course.  I couldn't actually see past the edge of the desk during my part of the assignment/argument, then promptly sat down and passed the notes to my partner hoping she'd be able to decipher my chicken scratch and eek out a decent mark.
I didn't have that problem today.  It's much easier talking from a point of personal gratitude then pretending to be Malaysia defending the destruction of the Borneo Forests and indigenous cultures within.
Those dinners got us past the point of feeling like a headless chicken, to near the end where we felt slightly sheepish due the extravagance of it.  It's still amazing to me that so many people had gone out of their way to bring dinners at around 5pm so that we (basic strangers) could take those few extra moments off in an evening and basically deal with our crazy emotions and the procedures at hand.
During the part where I was speaking, I keep thinking to myself - 'stay on track', 'don't freak everyone out with details', 'don't forget to say thank you'  'don't studder',  'don't talk forever', which is easy for me with a captive audience and most of all 'don't um and ahh'.
Funny, my buddy Mike who introduced us couldn't think of any other reason for me to be his friend other then a fishing partner (?) how about - mountain biking, skiing, architecture, and the valuable philosophizing about family, life, film, beer. etc. etc. maybe he was nervous, I'll give him a pass.
I didn't plan it but it was nice holding Raquel in my arms while I spoke, there is something about holding that warm little body that gives strength.  Pastor Kim was great too as we had a few phone conversations beforehand and it was very comfortable talking to her, also having Renata, Cordelia, Mike and his wife Jenny standing up front.  Jenny also said a nice prayer for us to wrap it up.
I'm very impressed with their community and outreach.  It's something that our society as a whole can do more of.  I wish it were the case.
Hopefully I got it across how touched we are as somewhat outsiders to be helped along in what I can say was our greatest time of need.  What I did forget to add was it's not all gloom and doom in our daily adventure.  Raquel is, a happy kid, full of life and our little butterfly.

The day for us disintegrated past the wonderful service.
Actually that wasn't so.  I missed the end of Kim's service with the poke on my back and a young man telling me my wife needs me in the hall with Raquel (which turned out to be nothing serious).
Cordelia got her stomach virus back and hasn't kept anything down since the sing along part of the service.  At least Raquel waited to get home to show a big blood blister on her lip.  Then later in the afternoon to show a nasty one on her tongue.
Raquel screamed for about 2 hrs straight while we attempted to pop blisters deep on her tongue.  Of course I lanced her many times in the lip, gum and arm (?) during the three separate attempts to get it.  She's getting too smart and evasive without the much need practical sense of self preservation.  She has recently developed some great karate blocking techniques. I hope it doesn't take her too long to figure out when her daddy comes with a sharp object it's best she stay calm and cooperate.  It took three of us twice unsuccessfully, then Grumpy and I were able to finally pop it. 
Raquel ate quickly afterward and was a dream the rest of the afternoon to evening.
I can comfortably say there is peace in our household now.
Renata and Raquel sleep behind me on the couch.
Cordelia in her bed and they are all seemingly relaxed and sleeping well.
Time to charge the batteries of the mind.
Now sleep.

Nope, Cordelia had to gag out some more bile.
I told her in her drowsy sleep her breath smelled like my old dog Burny, she smiled and fell back asleep.
I think neither tonight.


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