Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One goes down the other a dream

Raquel has been a babbling fun kid the last two days.
Cordelia, not so much.  Since splashing the Sunday floor with chewed crepe and whip cream, she's just gotten worse.  She's had a few sips of soup, but up till this afternoon she's kept nothing down.  I've heard a few friends talk about having sick kids recently.  They've all had it come and go, but it didn't stop me from bragging how rarely mine get sick. Leaving Raquel out of this conversation, although she hasn't really been sick, past the red eye and plugged nose.
haha jokes on me.
Dammit Janet suggested gravol suppositories to help the vomiting.
Ahh nope.  Not me.  I'm not giving that to my other child after all the pain and discomfort Raquel will soon associate with me!!
I figure sticking Raquel with needles while pinning her down during screams and cries due to a plethora of issues should surely get me a 'get out of jail card' on this one.  Plain and simple.  'Mean Daddy' will likely be my handle anyway, lets not let this get out of hand.
Plus Janet is the nurse, she's the pro and suggested it, maybe she should have done it for us as we let her help out with Raquel. 
But no.  Thankfully
I was able to convince Renata this was her call to step up to the plate and take one for the team.
The first pill taking routine was toughish for our little gaffer.  Too bad for Cordelia, there wasn't too much soft nurturing.  Seems even Raquel gets much much less now too. 
Renata and I are slowly getting like the doctor you see in ER.  You'll be bleeding out of your eyeballs and they'll look at you like a mechanic looks at an engine.  Although when I brought Raquel into the ER no-one seemed to look at us that way. 
The second pill popping was down right hysterical.  Not the hysteria you'd expect from a child refusing and crying from an uncomfortable situation, but Renata and I giggling at her excuses not to and the defiant 'I will squeeze forever!!'
Just then, her eyes widened, like I've never seen her become aware of the world.
Both my little girls, fighting to the end.
I was just wondering how old Raquel will be before she calms down and figures out I'm actually helping her when I approach with needles.  Obviously Raquel is much more like her sister and me then Renata.  Not to much give, scrapping till the dust settles. 
Hopefully for Cordelia's sake she doesn't have to see one of those little white bullets again.  Although I doubt she saw the first two?

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