Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Hultman Twilight

She wasn't out all night feasting on helpless humans, but sure looked like it when I left for work.
Raquel is wising to our ways and fighting with every bit of energy and strength she has.  This is the result of Renata and I trying to pop a blister at her front edge of her gum before I trudged off to work.  She keeps her mouth closed now till she has to make a yell of GET OFF ME!!! STOP POKING ME WITH THOSE DAMN NEEDLES!!  But I wish it lasted as long to say all that.  It now only lasts for a WAA!  I'd be happy with a WAAAAAA with six A's.  This mornings two a's meant I lanced her lip twice, tongue once and the gum just past the blister once before I was able to get it twice to my satisfaction it wouldn't grow anymore.  She knew where it was and protected it well.  If she didn't have EB I bet with a similar athletic ability of her sister combined with her ability to squirm in protection of what ever it be, her strength, determination and this growing innate savvy I'm starting to notice, would make her a shoe in for the Canadian Woman's National Hockey Team.  It took all Renata and I had to keep her from fidget and I still missed repeatedly.

Yesterday's dressing change was also a pain.  She has come to the age of awareness.  When her hands come out of bandages, she gets very excited and loves examining them.  Then when it's time to hide them from distruction of her face and hands themselves she get's pissed!  Lucky Simona was there yesterday to read to her.  Renata is rather flu ridden and only good for short spirts.  Did the reading ever make a difference.  She looked through a couple books multiple times quietly and intently, while the nurse and I were able to finish up.
I started to let the nurse do the change, but as Raquel got fussy I took over again to make sure we were quick.  Hmm, not the way to teach.  Learn by fire is usually how I like it.  Just maybe not teach. I think the quiet days of smooth dressing changes are a realm of the past.  It was absolutely a three person job yesterday and even that became a problem with one hand airing while two of us we were at her feet.  Then when one person had to do something else outside of the immediate job of occupying a limb, it became chaos for the other two.  As in changing books.  Apparently they don't make children's picture books at novel length for 9 month olds to get us through the hour plus dressing changes.

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