Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting anxious.

I'm going away for a little trip sans family.
All is well.  Had to wait to confirm till quite late this afternoon to see if the improvement was on going.
Cordelia has stopped puking and has been up and at it somewhat all day.
I'm shocked at how much weight she lost in four days.
Before, I thought she was all knees and elbows, but now it's all ribs and spine.
Seems she's even lost some of her muscle tone.
Now I get why a little extra on the bones is a good thing.
Raquel has been all beans today and for a while.  We're definitely relishing this run for the good.  All she wants to do is play and explore textures and shapes.  She's finally shaping into a human.
Her skin shows no real trauma anywhere.
Her feet have healed to where there are no open sores under the dressings and her fingers are getting straighter due to the new wrapping techniques.
Of course she has the the odd little nick from the finger nails of her care givers (me) and her mouth is a patch work of white gushy scabs, but nothing that makes me think anything will change in a moment.  Although in past times this is exactly when things go to HELL.

Renata is out for a movie with her buddy.  Enjoying the last little bit of peace and quiet she'll get for the weekend.  I expect she'll tell me when she gets home she slept through much of the movie.

With a little time to ponder my anxious mood I think I'm worried about the trade I made.  Weekend for me weekend for her.  YIKES!!  Two kids?  All weekend?  Nearly alone??? 
Not entirely wired that way, but we'll be fine and likely figure it out.  Cordelia when healthy is a superstar.  I guess other then carrying around her limp body from bed to couch over the last few days was pretty easy too.
Late evening trips for ice-cream with a few moments of panic whipped in.
It'll be fine....

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