Thursday, March 10, 2011

A couple more pictures with Renata's Grandfather and our wedding in the Czech Republic

We were married by him in the Church he still sometimes gives sermons.  In fact he had just given one there on Sunday.
Here are the few photos I have of him on our great day.
He spoke in English and Czech, so I wasn't too lost.

This was a very emotional moment for all three of us.
Still don't know how to translate

This was Renata's highlight of the whole reception.

Had to add this because Renata is so damn beautiful.  
The moment for my first sighting of Renata wasn't like the typical wedding here.  Bride walks down isle and groom is standing, waiting, stunned and awed.  In my typical panic (typical now, wasn't then) of 'where is Renata, why isn't she ready'?
There was me and a few of my buddies waiting outside looking down the streets we knew nothing about, hoping to see her fast approaching.  I'm not a fan of being late, especially when there is a huge crowd of people waiting for us.
Then she appears walking down the street and I got my first look.  Holy Moly.  I hadn't seen her in either makeup or a dress that well crafted.  Neither had my friends.  As she got up close probably only seconds before this photo, I could hear my buddy Mike X (who is unfortunately now past), blurt out with me in ear shot "who is that?".  I'm guessing he'd found a brides maid he'd be able to chit chat with later, he was so quick to call out his special interest, that there not be any conflict with the boys later he didn't actually look at who he was talking about.  With Andrew, John and I holding back our laughter in bits and pieces out of respect for those that probably shouldn't have heard that and the magnitude of this somewhat inappropriate moment to be hitting on the bride, minutes before she was to be married to a friend of his since the 8th grade.  They told him somewhat quietly to take another look at who he was all excited about, bringing him thankfully back to reality.  Still one of my great fond memories of my long lost buddy.  He had many, and plenty far more awkward and funnier then that!

Mike telling me my wife is hot and how lucky I am.
Got side tracked there.  When I see those shots I can't help thinking of that moment and also Mike in general.  Miss you BUD!

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