Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Back to normal

Raquel has stabalized into her regular routine of mouth blisters and what not.  A few spots here and there on her body, but I still marvel at how spotless her chest and back are right now.
It's so beautiful to see such a huge area of her body pink and fleshy perfect and soft.
Simona bought us a child (giant plastic) seat for Raquel.  Normally I'd not have let it in the door.  Firstly I wasn't there when it arrived, but I could see it's purpose so I humoured Simona.  The fact it has wheels was proably the main if not only reason it stayed.  At least when I'm tired of looking at plastic in our living room or dining area (same place really) I can wheel it to kitchen or office area.

The best use I've found are during the times where Raquel and I chase Cordelia around our place.
And when Cordelia falls,
We run her over.
So much fun.

A couple nights ago with Renata and I preparing a dinner for friends in the kitchen Cordelia wheeled Raquel into the bathroom with her while she did #2.  Renata saw this happening and mentioned the door should not be closed.  But from where I was standing that little parameter set out by her mother didn't quite get past the ear drum, I watched the door close.  We could hear them talking back and forth and giggles here and there by each.  It was amazing to see - achem, hear them off on their own, with minor supervision.  Being a team.  A very very happy moment in parenthood for Renata and I to say the least.
We don't have a lock on our bathroom door, just in case anyone thinks we're crazy for letting a 5 year old wheel away a 8 month old with semi-predictable skin issues into a potentially locked room.
Babi doing her magic
Butterfly and Cocoon (I'm in awe at Cordelia's growing ability with her hand eye coordination)

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