Sunday, February 6, 2011

Took a day off, all of us. Except Babi

An old river boat turned fly-boat
No fish for dinner, although I had an incredible kayak. Cleared a few cob webs and checked out some lakes up the valley I'd not been to in 8-12 years.  Never mind that it was 5 degrees and raining heavily with a steady wind coming down from the mountains.  I've forgotten how quiet being out on the water in the winter is.  Not a soul anywhere for miles on each of the lakes I visited.  I saw every colour from dark green to dark gray.  The photo above was in colour, really.  It's too bad it was raining so heavily, as I didn't dare take my camera out on the boat.  The lakes are man made and have many dead trees poking out of the water.  It's incredible in the mist, especially in the moments when the fog cut visibility down to a km or so.  Just a tall treed shoreline with giant hulking stumps and barren poles edging out into the water.  Despite how dreary it was in relative terms (Vancouver to the rest of the world) I still don't get auslanders complaining about our weather here in Vancouver.  It's beautiful. 

Raquel was exceptional all day I was told and kindly saved a tongue blister for the moment I walked in the door.  Simple, less the 30 minutes of painful crying post lancing, followed by a few intermittent squirms and thrusts of discomfort.  I'm always in amazement of how strong her core is.  When she wants to arch her back and straighten out, she is very hard to hold onto and once she starts she keeps on doing it over and over.  It's always a scramble to rearrange her sheep skin and under-layering.  Trying frantically to lay it flat before the next surge backward.  There is always the fear the rumpled bedding will cause undue friction at her back and all that entails.  Then also make sure the extra blanket is firmly wrapped around and between her legs and feet.  She is so strong and the ferocity at which she rubs and kicks her feet puts me into deep dread. Any prolonged foot bashing are disaster to her feet.  The evolving foot wrap has been working very well in my estimation, but it only takes moments of this type of thrashing to go right back to square one.  Plus we just drained a massive blister on her foot Friday. But, she's happy now, as likely nothing transpired (insert image of fingers crossed).  Renata and Raquel are in their usual nightly embrace on the couch, sleeping.  Actually, Renata doesn't look very comfortable and will probably complain about a sore neck tomorrow.  I'll rescue her when I'm done re-editing this blog.

Cordelia went snorkeling up the mountain with Sasha (another Czech transplant -Renata's maid of honor). Tough at the top of a mountain with her skis on, but after two or three runs in the pouring rain they did their best to soak every millimeter of their bodies. The prize - hot chocolate.  When was life that simple???  Cordelko clearly went to bed happy as she passed out in seconds.

Renata was a Czech tour guide today and also had a great time.  She too came home relaxed, happy and achem, much later then me.  The text I received while driving into town was 'I'm at a restaurant (Granville Island Brewery) go get Cordelia from Sasha and then save your mother from Raquel. 

Just in the nick of time, apparently.


  1. Sorry to hear your daughter got another blister..Have you guys ever tried the haberman feeder? It's a bottle for cleft pallet babies that requires very little suction effort on the baby's part. I had to use one with Casey as every bottle I tried caused blisters on his tongue..I also had to lubricate his lips and the nipple with MCT oil before every feeding...Just a thought...It's an oil they add to preemie babies formula for extra calories so it's safe to swallow....Hope you enjoy a peaceful week...

  2. Yes we tried the Haberman in the early days, but it was too fast for her. But yes, we should reintroduce it now that she's 2x's as Big. We spray her lips and mouth quite regularly hoping to avoid those blisters. Except now she's doing a funny clicking sucking sound with her mouth mimicking us eating in her own way of course, which I think is making most of those blisters, especially the one where the entire mouth area fell off. We are also thinking of removing a nipple feeder all together. Not sure of logistics or timing just yet. Thank you for your advice always appreciated.