Friday, February 4, 2011

Tired and Flat

I wasn't quite ready for how much the other night took out of me.
Lucky Renata missed it all and didn't get what feels like Post Traumatic Stress.
Raquel's mouth is extra tender from about last night till now.  The only way we get any food in is if she's had some Tylenol within 20 minutes.  It's easy to imagine the pain she's in.
Again I was whimpering a few days ago when I sliced a little chunk of skin off the tip of my finger while sharpening my skis and the many times I'd touch something wrong or something would get in it.
I think of a sore from biting my cheek.  How annoying are they?
Now add the entire area of your mouth.
At least it finally looks clean and pink.
Usually there are big white scabs everywhere in her mouth.
Now it's that pinky red every one's mouth looks like.  It's just that she has no skin in there on top.

We took her to an art opening last night.  So she's still a metropolitan urban hipster, despite the suffering.
Her sister cracks me up though.  She likes to dress herself and does not take kindly to anyone suggesting what she wears. (good grief!!!! she's only 5!!  I'm scared already)  She had white and red striped tights.  A pink frilled skirt with black polka-dots on white, layered like a too-too. Then a grey zip up hoody with fur (polypropylene) trim with an abstract red, blue green squares and lines through it.
She was clearly the artist of the crowd.
Even the young hipster women showing had nothing on Cordelia.
I think a friend took a picture of us as were leaving to avert our max allowable stay.
I'll post it, as I'm still getting giggles thinking of her outfit.

Here's some hipstomatic shots I've taken for the visual imagery installment of the last few days.
Probably the feeding the dropped all that skin, Gerber owes Raquel big

Sun set out to Vancouver from my studio

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